How To Block Someone On Facebook Messaging

How To Block Someone On Facebook Messaging Quick and Easy Way

Facebook is currently the largest social networking site today with more than one billion people around the world that having an account. You might be wondering why is it so popular? One main reason behind this is it allows people to easily connect with others and share various content. There are however instances when you

5 Best Apps to Send Money to Family or Friends For Free or Small Fees

Digital payments have come a long way since it was first launched several years ago. While the transactions were historically limited to bank transfers and/or credit cards, we have multiple new currencies in the fray now. Known as a cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin being one of the most popular digital currencies today, this offers users the ability

Facebook Messenger 1 Billion

Facebook Messenger now has 1 billion active monthly users

#Facebook announced earlier today that the #Messenger chat application has officially crossed 1 billion active monthly users. While some may feel that this is a major accomplishment for the most popular social network in the world, one has to realize that most users were forced into using the app as Facebook stopped allowing chat within

Facebook Messenger

You will no longer require a Facebook account to access Messenger

The Facebook Messenger app is getting a big update today, which removes the requirement to have a Facebook account beforehand. Starting now, the Messenger app can function solely on your phone number, making it that much more similar to WhatsApp Messenger (which is owned by Facebook). You will be asked if the app can look into

Facebook Messenger

There are over 700 million registered users on Facebook Messenger

While speaking during an interview, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that its Facebook Messenger app that was launched as an IM client for Facebook users has now surpassed 700 million registrations. We must clarify that he only mentions registrations here and not active users, so those figures could be different. But this goes to show

Facebook Messenger Video Call

Video calling on Facebook Messenger now accessible worldwide

Facebook teased the arrival of the video call feature for Messenger users not too long ago. The company has now pushed an update globally which enables this feature for all app users. The feature works seamlessly between Facebook contacts and functions exactly the same way as a voice call, but with video instead. While the