facebook keeps crashing galaxy s20

Facebook Keeps Crashing On Galaxy S20. Here’s The Fix!

Some users are worried because Facebook keeps crashing on their new Galaxy S20 without any apparent cause or reason. The app is preloaded on the device and needless to say, it’s embedded in the firmware. So, there’s always a possibility that it’s a firmware problem.  But before we jump into that conclusion, we will try

facebook started crashing after android 10 galaxy s10

Facebook started crashing after Android 10 on Galaxy S10

Facebook is a pre-installed application on a Galaxy S10 but it’s being updated separately unlike the other pre-installed apps. It can be stopped and reset but it can’t be uninstalled, unless you’ve rooted your phone. Now, if you encounter some problems with it, it can be due to a minor issue with the app itself,

What to do if Facebook keeps crashing on Realme X2 Pro

While Facebook comes as a pre-installed application, it’s still considered as a third party because you can actually remove it from your Realme X2 Pro. So if you have some issues with it, you can actually just remove it from your phone just like any other apps you installed. But then again, I know that

What to do if Facebook keeps crashing on Google Pixel 3

Some owners of the new Google Pixel 3 have reported having issues with Facebook. According to some, the app crashes frequently. Applications may crash from time to time and more often those crashes aren’t really that serious. You just have to do something that would refresh your phone’s memory and that could be the end

How To Fix The LG G7 Fit Facebook Keeps Crashing Issue

The #LG #G7Fit is a premium Android smartphone first released in November 2018 and is best known as the lite version of the G7 flagship device. This is an IP68 certified device which means it is waterproof and dustproof to a certain extent. It has a 6.1 inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of

Samsung Galaxy A30 keeps showing ‘Facebook keeps stopping’ error

Facebook comes as one of the pre-installed apps on your Samsung Galaxy A30. Recently however, we have received quite a lot of complaints from our readers regarding the app. Some said that when they opened it, the error ‘Facebook keeps stopping’ shows up and they couldn’t use it. Such problem literally means that the app