App Spotlight: Facebook Timeline Covers

Have you switched over your Facebook profile to the new timeline magazine style profile? If you have, than you’ve probably run across a situation where you’ve been out and about and thought, damn that would make a great cover photo for my Facebook. Well now, with a new app called Facebook Timeline Covers you can

Taiwanese NMA Animation Group Takes On Tommy Jordan The Laptop Shooter

The brilliant animators at NMA, the Taiwanese animation group are back at it again. We’ve seen their videos on Steve Jobs, HTC and patent wars. Today they’ve released a reaction to Tommy Jordan the laptop shooting dad. This is a hillarious video even if it’s not in English. source: NMA

The 60 Million Dollar Dentist

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of money in dentistry I have a good friend who’s an oral surgeon and can support his family and his hobby of racing Ferarri’s. However a 60 million dollar dentist is rare. Especially for a general practicing dentist, not a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills. A 60 million

Facebook Could File IPO This Week For May Offering

The world has been waiting 6 patient years to see what Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook would do. Facebook turned down a bid by Yahoo for the social network in 2006.  A year later Zuckerberg turned down a bid from Microsoft for $15 billion dollars. All the while lying in wait for the day Facebook would

Is Facebook A Haven For People With Low Self Esteem?

Last year two studies revealed what some researchers are calling Facebook Depression. Unlike other depressions Facebook Depression is on set from people who are already feeling a hint of depression and seeing the happy posts, pics and videos from friends, families and even complete strangers trigger an even darker depression for some users. A new

Facebook Has A Great Holiday On Android Devices

Although Google now has their own social media network, Google +, Facebook is still the predominant social media app on Android phones. In fact, according to the most recent AppData numbers, Facebook does a lot better on Android devices than iPhones.’s Eric Eldon has been tracking Facebook mobile app usage for a while now.

Google + Not Even Close To Facebook On Android Devices

We mentioned a Nielsen report on Android apps earlier this week when highlighting the fact that Angry Birds was hottest among adults 35-44.  That Nielsen report also revealed a troubling story for Google +. Now all the Google loyalists are going to start crying that Google+ is still new, and in it’s defense it is

Facebook Promises To Finally Update Android App To New UI

UPDATE: The new Facebook for Android update is live, review will be coming soon. Saying that the Facebook app has sucked for a while now would be an understatement. Facebook for Android has been notoriously famous for being a pretty terrible app, almost never delivering notifications on time, and offering a UI that is sub-par

Motorola Announces The Motokey “Facebook Phone”

Google’s new social network, which now ties almost all Google products together, was unveiled right before the HTC Status hit the streets in the United States. The Status, if you recall, was one of the two “Facebook integrated” devices that was unveiled at an HTC press conference in Barcelona, Spain at MWC. The timing could

Facebook Updates Mobile Site, We Want It For Android

Today Facebook released a pretty hefty update to their mobile site, closely mirroring their newly updated iOS app. The update to the mobile site completely removes the need for a “start menu”, as everything now slides out to the side instead of being in a menu. There you have all the necessary things like news feed, friends,

Even Blink 182 Couldn’t Save The HTC Status?

Rumors are running rampant across the interwebs tonight that AT&T is preparing to can the HTC Status. The HTC Status was launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain back in February.  It took a little while to actually hit the United States. One of the reasons for the delay was that the Status was

Anonymous: Facebook Is Going Down November 5th

The interwebs have been reporting today that the hacktivist group that calls itself Anonymous has another major target in their cross hares. That site is Facebook.  According to CNET and other sources, Anonymous has several reasons they are targeting the largest social network in the world. Facebook, with a reported 750 million users has apparently

FaceBook Releasing Stand Alone Messenger App

Facebook announced via their blog page earlier in the day, that they are releasing a stand alone messenger app for Android.  The new FaceBook Messenger App is supposed to release for Android and iPhone simultaneously.  The app will feature the ability to send and receive all FaceBook  messages. This includes FaceBook email, FaceBook messages (old