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Facebook For Android Updated With Messenger And Camera Shortcuts, Is This The End For The Messenger App?

With Facebook for Android’s recent update to version 1.9, a few things in the app were changed that have to do with messaging, but these changes also may play a bigger role in overall app development for the company. The update included some bug fixes and performance updates, but the real kicker was the updates to the messaging portion of the official Facebook app. Last year, Facebook released similar features to the Android Market (at least that’s what it was called last year), but they weren’t in the official Facebook app,  instead they were released to a side-project dubbed Messenger.

Messenger offered a much smoother UI for messaging and chatting with friends, but it also offered a smoother UI than the entire Facebook app users had installed on their devices. This left us thinking “Why wouldn’t Facebook just incorporate these features into the main app itself?” The answer was right in our app drawers. Google+ had just started getting big and the Android app gave users not only a “G+” icon in the app drawer, but Huddle was a shortcut also added when users downloaded G+ and quickly brought them to the group messaging/chat portion of G+. It was never official, but many believe this is the reason Facebook released their Messenger app–to compete with Google+’s Huddle (which was soon changed to ‘Messenger’ as well” or just to make sure they offered everything G+ did in the mobile realm.


Facebook Messenger Receives Update With Better ICS Support And Updated Visuals

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger, Facebook’s attempt at creating a mobile chat-style service for its users, was updated today to include a handful of helpful additions. The first of these is better Ice Cream Sandwich support, which is something that is good to see from Facebook. Another update to the app is some new visuals that look crisper and cleaner, and some bug fixes to the app crashing. The developers at Facebook have also added some new ways to get into conversations, with an easier way to start conversations and an easier way to open a group conversation.

Facebook Messenger has been on Android for a while now, and when it came out it was a far better experience than the actual Facebook app itself. Now, Facebook has updated their official app to be on par with Messenger and its iOS counterpart, so this leaves us to wonder if Messenger is even a necessary app at this point. Messenger serves the same purpose that the “Messages” part of the official app does, with a few little things added. Personally, I don’t use Facebook’s Messenger app very often, and I feel like it’s something that could just be incorporated into the app itself. Let us know in the comments if you use Messenger, and if you do how you like it. The full list of updates is below with a Play link to grab the update at the bottom after the break.


Facebook Updates “Rights & Responsibilities” Statement You Have Until March 22 To Respond

Social networking Giant Facebook has updated their Statement of Rights & Responsibilities for the first time since April 2011. Facebook’s “Statement of Rights & Responsibilities” is the governing document between Facebook users and the company itself. As a user of Facebook, accessing the site means that you agree to this statement, as you would a Terms & Conditions, or Terms of Service statement.

Most of the changes in their Rights and Responsibilities statement highlight things like safety and community standards. For instance they’ve changed the verbage “hateful” to “hate speech”.

Safety. In this section, we have changed the language from “hateful” content to “hate speech” because we think the term “hate speech” better captures our policy on prohibited content, which hasn’t changed. This is also consistent with our new “Community Standards”.

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App Spotlight: Facebook Timeline Covers

Have you switched over your Facebook profile to the new timeline magazine style profile? If you have, than you’ve probably run across a situation where you’ve been out and about and thought, damn that would make a great cover photo for my Facebook.

Well now, with a new app called Facebook Timeline Covers you can take easy Facebook timeline cover and profile photos, edit them and upload them to your Facebook page from  your Android powered smartphone.

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Taiwanese NMA Animation Group Takes On Tommy Jordan The Laptop Shooter

The brilliant animators at NMA, the Taiwanese animation group are back at it again. We’ve seen their videos on Steve Jobs, HTC and patent wars. Today they’ve released a reaction to Tommy Jordan the laptop shooting dad.

This is a hillarious video even if it’s not in English.

source: NMA

The 60 Million Dollar Dentist

Mark Zuckerberg's Father, Edward Zuckerberg is now worth more than 60 million dollars photo: SAI

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of money in dentistry I have a good friend who’s an oral surgeon and can support his family and his hobby of racing Ferarri’s. However a 60 million dollar dentist is rare. Especially for a general practicing dentist, not a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills.

A 60 million dollar dentist is exactly what Edward Zuckerberg will become after Facebook officially goes public in May. The wondering is over as Facebook filed paperwork to go Public this past week. It typically takes 3-4 months for the SEC to review the paperwork for a company to go public.

The 60 million dollars isn’t coming from son Mark just because he has a good relationship with his father. Mark Zuckerberg’s dad gave his son the start up capital for Facbeook back in 2004.  In exchange Zuck granted his dad 2,000,000 class B shares of Facebook.

The original deal with his father was set to expire after a year however the Facebook board decided that expiring in one year wasn’t fair and in 2009 issued the elder Zuckerberg the 2,000,000 shares. Today, according to Facebook’s S-1 filing, those shares are worth $60,000,000.00

source: SAI

Facebook Could File IPO This Week For May Offering

The world has been waiting 6 patient years to see what Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook would do. Facebook turned down a bid by Yahoo for the social network in 2006.  A year later Zuckerberg turned down a bid from Microsoft for $15 billion dollars. All the while lying in wait for the day Facebook would have it’s initial public offering and go onto the stock market.

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Is Facebook A Haven For People With Low Self Esteem?

Last year two studies revealed what some researchers are calling Facebook Depression. Unlike other depressions Facebook Depression is on set from people who are already feeling a hint of depression and seeing the happy posts, pics and videos from friends, families and even complete strangers trigger an even darker depression for some users.

A new study called “They Are Happier and Having Better Lives Than I am” has been released by Utah Valley University, of 425 students found that people who use Facebook often tend to have a negative worldview. The study, which controlled race, religious beliefs and gender, found that those who used Facebook more agreed that life was unfair, and others had better lives than they did.

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Facebook Has A Great Holiday On Android Devices

Although Google now has their own social media network, Google +, Facebook is still the predominant social media app on Android phones. In fact, according to the most recent AppData numbers, Facebook does a lot better on Android devices than iPhones.’s Eric Eldon has been tracking Facebook mobile app usage for a while now. In his latest story on the topic Eldon has found that AppData is reporting Facebook for iPhone saw their usage grow to 4.1 million monthly average users (MAU) and 1.7 million daily active users (DAU).

Android on the other hand, saw a more significant increase to 5.2 MAU and 2.2 DAU.

A Nielsen study released in mid December showed that Facebook was the top app on Android for all demographics. Google apps had a great showing as well, however Google+ wasn’t in the top five in any of the measured data.

source: TechCrunch

Written by Cassandra Holly

Google + Not Even Close To Facebook On Android Devices

We mentioned a Nielsen report on Android apps earlier this week when highlighting the fact that Angry Birds was hottest among adults 35-44.  That Nielsen report also revealed a troubling story for Google +.

Now all the Google loyalists are going to start crying that Google+ is still new, and in it’s defense it is quite new. Google+ will turn six months old right after Christmas.  In six months we’ve seen Google come a long way with users on the website itself, but so far the Google+ Android app hasn’t made a dent in rival Facebook.

According to Nielsen Facebook is by far the most popular app on the Android platform. Other Google products like Google Search, Google Maps and YouTube are very popular with Android users.

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Facebook Promises To Finally Update Android App To New UI

Facebook for Android

UPDATE: The new Facebook for Android update is live, review will be coming soon.

Saying that the Facebook app has sucked for a while now would be an understatement. Facebook for Android has been notoriously famous for being a pretty terrible app, almost never delivering notifications on time, and offering a UI that is sub-par compared to other operation system’s applications. However, Facebook has promised to finally update their application to sport the new UI and we are currently waiting on the update. The Facebook Blog uploaded a post that stated all of the improvements, along with a “launching today” close on the post.

The first thing this update will improve on is faster photos. Facebook is claiming photos are 2X faster than previous versions, and now it’s easier to tag and do other nifty things in the app. Secondly, and most importantly, Facebook will update the app to sport the new UI that the iOS and mobile web versions have had for over a month. This means the menu that is above at the main menu will be consistent throughout the rest of the app, offering things like notifications and messages from any place in the app. The new side menu launching from the left will also be on board, and it will pull things nicely together as a new UI for Android users. There is supposed to be notification improvements and various bug fixes as well, and honestly, I’ll have to see it to believe it. There have been many occasions where Facebook launches an unstable update to their Android app, and hopefully this is not a trend they continue to follow. We will keep you updated, and once the update is available, post a review on the new and improved Facebook for Android.

SOURCE: The Facebook Blog

Check In At Verizon Wireless Black Friday, Saturday Or Sunday And Get $30 Off Jawbone Icon

Do you have someone with a BlueTooth headset on their holiday wish list? Verizon may have a deal for you.

All weekend long if you go to a Verizon Wireless corporate store and check in via Facebook or Foursquare you’ll get an instant coupon for $30 off the Jawbone Icon BlueTooth headset. Once you receive the coupon on your phone all you need to do is purchase the headset and show your phone to the Verizon Wireless employee you check out with.

The Jawbone Icon features Noise Assassin noise cancellation. It also streams music and audio from your phone to the headset. You can also download free apps from Jawbone’s MyTalk app store at

Other features include:

  • Jawbone ICON featuring The Hero
  • Easy to operate (on/off switch & one button
  • Eliminates noise & reduce wind
  • Streams music & audio
  • Whispers battery life & caller ID alerts
  • Displays a battery meter on your iPhone & others
  • Get apps & updates at MyTALK
  • Use your voice to email, text & more with MyTalk apps

After the $30 coupon the headset will be just $69.99

Motorola Announces The Motokey “Facebook Phone”

Google’s new social network, which now ties almost all Google products together, was unveiled right before the HTC Status hit the streets in the United States. The Status, if you recall, was one of the two “Facebook integrated” devices that was unveiled at an HTC press conference in Barcelona, Spain at MWC.

The timing could not have been worse for the HTC Status. With Google loyalists, the backbone to the “Android Community”, it was going to be hard to get a “Facebook” phone off the ground. It quickly fizzled, in fact a reunion tour with Blink 182 couldn’t even help the HTC Status when it got to AT&T.

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Facebook Messenger Gets Updated With Handy New Features And Bug Fixes

Facebook Messenger

Facebook released their Messenger app for Android a few months ago, showing that they can, in fact, develop for Android and come through with a smooth app that gets the job done. Sadly, this was only for the messaging portion of Facebook, and left the rest of the service hanging onto an outdated buggy app. Facebook has however, continued to improve their Messenger app, updating it today with a few more features for Android and iPhone users.

These updates include a lot of new things, one of which should have been there from the start. You can now see when your friends are online, and who is online, making this app a lot more functional for what it’s supposed to do. The rest of the additions are as follows:

  1. • Ability to see who’s online and who’s mobile
  2. • Ability to see when the other person is typing
  3. • A faster way to compose new messages to the people you message most
  4. • Various performance improvements
  5. • Support for 22 languages
Be sure to check this app out if you haven’t yet, and hopefully Facebook continues to update its main app as much as the Messenger app. The web app and iOS app have recently received an update to a new interface that should be coming to Android, and hopefully it will soon.