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LG Claims Samsung Galaxy S4 May Infringe On Its Eye-Tracking Patents

The next battle could be fought between two Android manufacturers namely LG and Samsung. The reason for this is the use of eye-tracking technology. Samsung’s newest flagship device, which is the Samsung Galaxy S4, hasn’t been released in the market yet but as early as now LG will reportedly study it for possible patent infringement

LG Beats Samsung In Announcing Eye Tracking Feature

While Samsung hasn’t officially announced their eye-tracking feature which will be available on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 and soon on the S3 LG has beaten them to the punch. In a press release made by LG the company announced a new feature called LG Smart Video which is found in the Optimus G Pro.

Denmark-Based Eye Tribe Readies Eye-Tracking Software For Mobile Devices

An company in Denmark called The Eye Tribe is preparing a new, innovative way of interacting with mobile devices. The company formerly known as Senseye is developing a software that would rely on eye movements to control tablets, smartphones, and other products. It works through the help of a mobile device’s front-facing camera, which tracks