50000 mAh battery

[Deal] 50,000 mAh power bank for $12.99

An eBay retailer is now offering a 50,000 mAh power bank or external battery for just $12.99. That’s a large amount of battery capacity for something that’s easy to carry around. It only seems to have two USB ports, though, while¬†we usually see 4-6 USB ports on a power bank of this capacity. But that’s

Seidio Announces 3800mah Extended Battery For Galaxy Nexus With NFC

Our friends at Seidio, one of the premiere Android accessory manufacturers, have announced the availability of their new Innocell 3800mah Extended Life Battery with NFC, for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Seidio says the 3800mah battery will offer double the time that the stock battery for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus offers. It also comes with Seidio’s