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Samsung Galaxy S III To Have Quad Core Exonys Processor

The successor to the Samsung Galaxy S II, The Samsung Galaxy S III, has taken over the rumor train that was the Galaxy Nexus’ before launch. There have been rumors, photo leaks, fake photo leaks, fake spec leaks and more. All we know for sure is that sometime this spring Samsung will unveil the Galaxy

Samsung Gets Wi-Fi Approval On Two New Tablets Ahead Of MWC

Rumors originating out of Androidandme started circulating this weekend about a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 with a 2ghz Exynos processor. Those rumors are from a very well placed source, and now it looks like they have been substantiated even more by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Two new Samsung tablets, going by the model numbers GT-P3100

Samsung Unveils Exonys 4212 Processor

Samsung’s semiconductor division unveiled the next Exonys processor dubbed the Exonys 4212 processor in Taiwan yesterday.  Samsung released the news during the Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum at the Westin Tapei. The Exonys 4212 is the follow up to Samsung’s current Exonys the 4210. The 4210 is the processor found in most of the Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy S II For T-Mobile Gets Qualcomm Processor

While we were at the Samsung launch party for the U.S. Galaxy S II variants our T-Mobile PR friends were acting kind of strange.  While we could touch, feel and video the Sprint and AT&T versions of the device, it was hands off from our normal party hungry and friendly T-Mobile folks. Now it’s clear

Samsung Dual Sourcing Dual Cores?

While attending the Samsung Unpacked event at MWC we saw the Samsung Galaxy S II which is going to be a super of superphones.  During the presentation it was revealed that it would have a dual core processor. Samsung made no bones about announcing that their Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 would feature the NVIDIA Tegra-2