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Breaking: Official Rovio Tweet: Angry Birds Christmas to Android

If you’ve been following the world famous @roviomobile on twitter you may already know but a tweet earlier today revealed that the highly anticipated “Angry Birds Christmas” will come to Android. Around 12noon Eastern time @juranandi asked @roviomobile via twitter: @roviomobile: and what about Christmas version for Androis? Seperate app? To which Rovio responded that

EXCLUSIVE: AT&T Galaxy Tab shots in the wild!

We’ve got a real treat today. It seems like Tablets and phones are coming out left and right in time for the Holidays, and with items like that flying around, you are bound to get seen by someone. Well, we have some Exclusive shots of the AT&T Galaxy Tab out and about! The AT&T version

A Discussion with the Qik Team

Qik has been front and center in the Android Community a lot recently.  Between it’s addition to the HTC Evo 4G and Samsung Epic 4G, as well as the upcoming Galaxy Tab models, it would be amazing if you have not heard of them.  I spent nearly 20 minutes talking to the team at the

Hands on with the Toshiba Folio Tablet!

IFA this year is all about tablets (or whatever they want to call them), and with The Droid Guy digging through all the amazing setups at IFA, we’re showing you some of the Face Time he got with the Toshiba Folio. This isn’t the first time the Folio has made news, but it is definitely the first