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Red HTC Droid DNA For Verizon Employees Pictured

Some of you may be a bit jealous of a device that you can’t buy, but it seems that Verizon has a red Droid DNA available exclusively for their employees. Below are the first pictures of the device, which were obtained by our friends over at Droid-Life. There’s nothing new about this device aside from the color

EXCLUSIVE: Details Of iPad 3 Surface In Leaked Apple Script!

*** WE KNOW THAT THIS COULD BE A FAKE***** We know that this document is most likely a fake however in the off chance it’s not here’s the story.  A Kindle Reader document called “2012 Apple Spring Draft Script” has surfaced on here. The document is supposedly a script for Apple’s upcoming press event

Game Spotlight: Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure

When I first saw Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure, I was a little skeptical. After doing some research and briefly playing the Wii version, I was pleasantly surprised. Spyro has returned and it is now on ever console. Spyro was originally targeted towards the 10-16 age group, and it was great for this age group in the

Breaking: Move over Prime – the Nexus is coming

  IS NOT THE   There once was a rumor called Prime, we thought she was a Nexus but she had Wiz all over. The Nexus was still lost, and all we had was a Galaxy.   You want an *accurate* poem there you go…

IFA 2011 Preview: Tablets, Washers Dryers And More Tablets

At press time we are just over five hours away from Samsung’s official Mobile news event called “Unpacked”. Absent this year from the event will be Samsung Mobile’s Vice President of Public Relations, Kim Titus, who has often hosted and emceed events like this.  In his place we are expecting Nick DiCarlo and Samsung Mobile’s

EXCLUSIVE: Iheartradio Event Unveiled

As lady luck would have it we’ve been scouring the internet, our ninjas and sources to get the good word on what is happening with Iheartradio, Clearchannel and this big announcement on Monday morning at 8:15am by none other than Ryan Seacrest. Well here it is folks, as promised IHeartradio and ClearChannel are throwing the

e3 Wrap Up, Sights, Sounds, And The Breakdown

Over the past three days while TheDroidGuy and Cam where in NY for events I was able to spend the time in LA(Ok I live here anyways) at e3. For those who don’t know what e3 is, here we go. Its ALL about gaming. This is the event that all major companies will trounce out

[Exclusive] First look of OnLive for Android

Thats right, while at e3 we where able to hang out with the guys at OnLive and were able to have them show it off working on the Xoom. Onlive for those who haven’t heard of it yet, makes it so you can play games on your computer in which are pure streaming so nothing