Google To Open 2012 Google IO Registration At 7AM PDT March 27th

Developers of all Google products, especially.Android have been waiting patiently for Google to announce when they would start registration for Google I/O 2012.  Google announced today that registration opens on March 27th at 7am PDT (10AM Eastern) There is also a hike in the price to $900 which is still relatively affordable compared to other

Pepcom: Size Doesn’t Matter, Open For All Working Journalists

Typically during coverage of a major trade show or event, if you’re reading Thedroidguy than you hear about Pepcom. Whether it’s in stories, or mentioned in videos, Pepcom events are regularly attended by Thedroidguy and thousands of other accredited, and working technology journalists. Pepcom events or “Digital Experience”, events are demo events for working journalists

TDG Live: 2012 Crunchies

This years Crunchies aren’t going to be the same without Michael Arrington, Heather Harde or any of the other legacy TechCrunch members who’ve now left the AOL owned website for other endeavors or Sarah Lacy’s Pando Daily. Nevertheless, the show must go on and on it is! GigaOM, VentureBeat and TechCrunch have teamed up for

App Spotlight: Spotvite

Everyone can remember a time when they were bored. At home, at work, at school; everyone gets bored at some point or another. It is in these periods of our lives that we can become most spontaneous, doing things that, in our regular daily schedule, would seem pretty random and out of place. Well, now

HTML 5 Developer’s Conference Adds HTML 5 Hackathon

The Silicon Valley International Game Developer’s Association is holding an HTML 5 Developer’s Conference September 27th at the Westin Hotel on 3rd Street in San Francisco on Tuesday September 27th. The all day event will focus on thriving development in the HTML 5 world with speakers including David Herman of Mozilla, Jason Hoffman at Joyent,

TDG AT TCD: RingShuffle

With so many exhibitors at TechCrunch, each startup company had to do something different to set themselves apart from one another. One company gave free samples of chocolate covered bacon (yum!). Another startup gave away free socks. RingShuffle raffled off a free date. First of all,..what?! Second, what did a date have to do with

TDG AT TCD: FlyScreen for Android

One thing I love about Android is the fact that the customization never ends. Once you think you’ve got your phone/tablet just the way you want it, something comes along and you want more. At TechCrunch Disrupt 2011 in San Francisco, I had the chance to talk to the team from FlyScreen.

[LIVEBLOG] HTC Teleconference With CEO Peter Chou

And that’s it, devices are coming this fall. See last night’s updated article for a recap on the event. 12:01: It’s all about the marriage of phone and sound, and Beats and HTC are partnering to bring us a rich sound experience on mobile devices. 11:58: Jimmy is saying they’re looking beyond just the core

Who Is Tapjoy and What Do They Do?

Have you ever played a game on your mobile device like Contract Killer or Tap Fish and were in need of more “credits?” Sometimes you could earn them by completing a mission or just waiting till the next day. But what if you couldn’t? What if you were willing to actually pay for in-game credits to improve your score? Recently, Google allowed in-app payments for Android that gave a gamer the chance to buy a gun, more money, or anything that increased their odds of winning. Honestly, I found myself doing this with Glu’s Contract Killer. But who facilitates this process? Tapjoy does.

e3 Wrap Up, Sights, Sounds, And The Breakdown

Over the past three days while TheDroidGuy and Cam where in NY for events I was able to spend the time in LA(Ok I live here anyways) at e3. For those who don’t know what e3 is, here we go. Its ALL about gaming. This is the event that all major companies will trounce out

[Exclusive] First look of OnLive for Android

Thats right, while at e3 we where able to hang out with the guys at OnLive and were able to have them show it off working on the Xoom. Onlive for those who haven’t heard of it yet, makes it so you can play games on your computer in which are pure streaming so nothing

[Exclusive] First hands on with Cracking Sands

Last night while we were at e3 in Los Angeles we where shown a brand new game not out yet from Polarbit called Cracking Sands. Think of it like a sand racing game with weapons.  We got some hands on time with the new game on the Sony Xperia Play the first PlayStation certified phone

Galaxy Tab 10.1 launches in New York City

We are here at the exclusive New York launch of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. My very rough guesstimate on the number of people standing in line when I arrived is around 300 or so. The first person got in line at 6 am. As he crossed the line to grab the very first tab he

TechCrunch Disrupt Live: Fireside Chat with Dennis Crowley, Foursquare

Foursquare announcement: INQ Cloud Touch “Facebook phone” available in the UK.  Default INQ view for location data will show Foursquare by default.  Dennis Crowley, “Seeing this as a great way to introduce people to foursquare.” This is not available yet.  As it is updated some point during the summer it will have foursquare added to

TechCrunch Disrupt 2011

We have made it to Disrupt. We are heading in to get badges and get set up to bring you as much coverage as 1 (soon to be 2) person can.

[Exclusive] Contract Killer Headed To Android Soon

The Popular iPhone game Contract Killer is making its long awaited debut on Android very soon and Thedroidguy has the exclusive. Below you’ll see a group of exclusive photo’s of the game in action. Glu Mobile is at it again with another hit on their hands this time bringing the ever so popular Contract Killer to