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Motorola RAZR i Event Now Available For Viewing

Motorola and Intel hosted an event last week to unveil Motorola’s brand new first Intel-powered smartphone. If you missed it, there’s no need to worry. The entire event is now available online as a VoD, so you’ll be able to catch up on the entire event fairly easily. To get you up to speed, the

GigaOM Reveals Speakers for Roadmap: Design in the Age of Connectedness

The technology media company GigaOM has announced the speakers who will be giving talks during the yearly RoadMap conference. Slated to be held on November 5 in San Francisco, California, the event will feature the following speakers: Yves Behar, founder of fuseproject and chief creative officer at Jawbone, who will deliver a lecture called “Design

New HTC Handset Shows Up In Verizon Inventory Listing

Over the past few months, a few HTC devices have surfaced along with one that we only know by its model number, the HTC 6435. This handset first showed up in July when someone discovered a few GLBenchmark scores. The GLBenchmark data indicated that the screen would be sporting a 1794 x 1080 resolution. This

Possible Chances of An Amazon Smartphone?

Right before Amazon’s press event is getting ready to take place today in Santa Monica, word has begun coming out of the woodwork that Amazon has confirmed a phone to be in works. Yes, an Amazon phone. The Verge is reporting that a number of sources were able to verify the existence of the Amazon

Samsung & AT&T Have An Announcement Coming Soon

It looks as if we will be seeing some sort of an announcement in a few days from Samsung and AT&T. According to the invitation both companies will be holding an event in New York City on May 5th that will include both product demonstrations and executive remarks.  What they have up there sleeves at this event we are

HTC Pyramid Making Its Premier In UK

Early this week, we had mentioned that the HTC Pyramid should be making its debut overseas at HTC’s event on April 12th in London. According to new information, it seems that the Pyramid will be released under the name HTC Sensation, which HTC had claimed back in January. The HTC Pyramid, is similar to the

Sneak Peek at Future HTC Devices At London Event

It seems that HTC is sending out invitations for an event in London on April 12th, which just happens to coincide with Microsoft’s Mix 2011 developers conference. At this point not much is known regarding what all HTC will be showing off, but we are guessing that since it has been awhile since HTC debuted a Window’s phone

TDG Live From The Samsung Unpacked Event #mwc11

8:02PM Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 announced 8:01PM Kim Titus faked technical difficulties 8:00PM Kim Titus back onstage 7:57pm: Sybase guy onstage 7:52PM: Cisco is announcing the next generation hotspot solution tomorrow at MWC 7:49PM Ray Smets announced the official launch of the Cisco Webex and Cisco Mobile apps optimized for Samsung Galaxy S2 7:49PM: Ray

Live From The Sprint Event

We are live from New York for tonights big Sprint shindig. We will keep you updated as the night unfolds and the impossible becomes possible

Is the Kyocera Echo Sprint’s Big Announcement?

Someone pinch me it seems the Huffington Post has been acquired by AOL and Sprint’s big announcement is the Kyocera Echo. Mobile, tech and Android media along with industry analysts were invited to an invite only event in New York City Monday evening. We will be n hand as CEO Dan Hesse and master illusionist

CES Rewind: Huawei Unveils The X-5

When I got my hands  on the Huawei X5 phone the first thing I  noticed is that instead of Huawei running there own skin, they run stock Android. The X-5 Comes with 2.2 however it wont be updated to 2.3. The phone has 3.8 WVGA 800×400 TFT captive touch screen as well has having Swype

HTC And Sprint AT CES

Other sites are currently postulating a hypothesis that HTC and Sprint are up to something based on their lack of prescense at CES. Let’s first get this straight. HTC typically does one show a year and does shoulder events for other trade shows.  HTC took a group of journalists out at CTIA in San Francisco,

Slacker Radio and The Droid Guy Baby #7

We are rolling along with the Slacker Radio and is rolling along congratulations to twitter user @shadylife for correctly identifying Baby #6. It’s time for Baby #7. So listen to the baby clue below and if you know it put it in our comments section and you’ll win 3 free months of the World

Samsung Live: From the Continuum

6:45PM Gallery 6:44PM- No mention of Nexus 2 6:43PM-Lainches with 2.1 6:40PM  Ticker functions:  – Start Screen, time weather, etc Notifications RSS Feeds Ticker History- Bring up the stream of notifications, RSS feeds, emails, texts, etc Bult in VZ Navigator Support, the ticker will show the next instruction Multi Media- Ticker will still have music/media

Google TV Live: Sony Internet TV Liveblogging Continues

6:00PM Shows over its playtime 5:55PM Where and When: Preoders now. On Shelves at Sonystyle stores this weekend and at Best Buy starting the week of October 24 5:53PM Matt Seymour is demoing Google TV, video forthcoming 5:49PM Sony Internet TV will allow you to watch football and your favorite fantasy football site at the

Google TV Live: At the Sony Internet TV Launch

5:38 A look at the controller. 5:36 announcing two products, Sony Intenet TV and Sony Internet Bluray player 5:34 Bob Hashida from Sony Tokyo. Sony is developing an experience that will redefine a TV Viewing Style. Announcing the Sony Internet TV in this US Market. Sony TV lets you sit in the drivers seat and