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EU to Make USB C Chargers Mandatory for All Smartphones

We live in a time when USB C ports can be found in a wide range of devices. Manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, Google, OnePlus, and so on have shifted to USB C some time while ago, although there are still a handful of devices launching with micro USB chargers. Well, the European Parliament has decided

EU Parliament Votes In Favor Of Universal Mobile Charger

Are you tired of having to use different charger for your different mobile devices? This might not be the case as early as 2017 in the European Union as the European Parliament has voted on a law to let mobile phone manufacturers to use a universal charger on their devices. The draft law was approved

Google, Apple Face EU Scrutiny Over “Free Apps”

There are currently hundreds of thousands of mobile apps available in the market today for Android and iOS devices. While some of them require payment, others are free to download. But are free apps really free? This is what European regulators are trying to look at as complaints are increasing regarding mobile games that are

Apple’s warranty practice “unacceptable” in the EU

The European Union is strict when it comes some company not abiding by its rules. Same is the case with Apple right now. Apple has been providing its European users with 1 year of warranty just like elsewhere in the world, but according to EU provision, manufacturers of such goods should provide 2 years of

Patent Case Loss in Apple vs Samsung Helping Google, Analyst Says

One plus for the technology giant Google, is that the Android operation system maker in the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit is how that decision could affect a federal antitrust investigation into Google, according to an analyst. Google is currently being investigated by the FCC (Federal Trade Commission) over some very broad antitrust claims, including Google’s

Apple Files Complaint Against Motorola With European Union Authority

Motorola has reported in a regulatory filing filed Friday, that Apple has filed a complaint with the European Union’s competition authority. The complaint alleges that Motorola Mobility is violating a pledge to license industry standard patents on fair terms. Because of Motorola’s years of manufacturing cell phones they hold a treasure trove of patents related