Google chairman Eric Schmidt spotted using Moto X in photos

Google chairman Eric Schmidt had been photographed using the hotly-anticipated Moto X smartphone during the Allen and Company’s 31st Annual Media and Technology Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. The photos were captured by Insider Images, a stock photography company. Gary He, the company’s director of operation, shared a link to the images on his Twitter


Eric Schmidt says Google Glass consumer version about a year away

Google has been relatively quiet when it comes to consumer versions of Google Glass, never getting into specifics about dates and always testing the product out to see if it can break into markets. Currently, the Explorer edition of Google Glass is just starting to rollout to early developers and lucky winners of the #ifihadglass

Eric Schmidt To Sell $1.5 Billion In Google Stock

The Wall Street Journal reported after the bell closed today that Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google Inc, has filed paperwork with the SEC to sell $1.5 billion dollars worth of Google stock.  This stock sale will lower his stake in the global giant from 2.8% to 2.1% Schmidt stepped down as Google’s CEO in

Eric Schmidt: Google’s Search Not As Strong As You Think

Back in September former Google CEO and now Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt testified before Congress. When he gave this testimony he came very close to admitting that Google is a monopoly. When a member of the antitrust panel asked Schmidt: “…you do recognize that in the words that are used and antitrust kind of oversight,

Jobs Vowed Revenge On Google’s Schmidt For Android

Although Schmidt left some of the most heartfelt eulogies to Steve Jobs when he passed away earlier this month, Jobs was reportedly gunning for revenge. Prior to his death, writer Walter Isaacson had already started writing a tell all biography about Apple’s CEO, founder and tech giant Steve Jobs. The book, due out Monday, will

Google’s Eric Schmidt Finally Joins Google+

Google executives have come under fire as of late for either not joining Google+ or using it sparingly. The concern of course is that Google+ is their own social network and Google is hoping to overtake or at least be uber competitive with their existing competitors. Google+ has been around since late June. Eric Schmidt,

Eric Schmidt Tops List of 2012 MWC Keynotes

Last year MWC was filled with great keynotes and manufacturer press conferences.  The first Samsung unpacked event brought out the Samsung Galaxy S II, The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. two Facebook HTC phones and the HTC Flyer.  The keynotes were equally as good, the most notable for the Android community was Eric Schmidt. The Eric

Google’s Schmidt Defends Motorola Purchase Says It Won’t Change Android

When Google announced they were purchasing Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion dollars back on August 15th, analysts, armchair quarterbacks, bloggers and journalists predicted it may mean an Android sudden death for other OEM’s.  HTC and Samsung have banked the majority of their smartphone portfolio’s on Google’s Android operating system. While both companies also manufacturer smartphones

Google’s Schmidt To Host Kardashian Wedding At His Home?

The New York Post and AllthingsD are reporting that Kim Kardashian and fiance New York Net’s basketball player Kris Humphries are getting married at Eric Schmidts estate. This is going to be one pricey wedding. The wedding cake is reportedly 10 tiers and cost over 20,000.  Kardashian is using three dresses and allegedly flew cross

Come on, Eric WTF

It’s no secret that RIM is in trouble in fact just today they announced that they are laying off 2,000 people across the globe.  But that doesn’t stop Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, from using a Blackberry in public. The folks over at Android Central’s sister site,, have posted a photo captured over the

Backplane Receives $1 Million Investment From Eric Schmidt and Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has been getting more and more into the world of technology lately. Just recently, it was announced, that the pop singer is partnering with Eric Schmidt’s Tomorrow Ventures to invest at least one million dollars in a new start up company called Backplane, according to the New York Times.

Even Radio Shack Thinks Nokia Should Have Gone Android

On the stage at the recent All Things Digital D9 Conference, Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, said that he wished Nokia would have gone with Android and hopes that if something changes they still have a shot.  Schmidt cited Nokia’s success in some foreign markets that Google would like Android to be in, as the

Google’s Schmidt: Gang Of Four Does Not Include Microsoft

On the stage tonight at D9 Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, was put in the hot seat with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher pitching.  It wasn’t nearly as grueling as last years interview with RIM/Blackberry CEO Mike Lazaridis ,but it was typical, Walt “I hate all things Google” Mossberg.  We’ve learned through several sources that

Google Wallet To Add Google Offers Layer

While we are still watching Eric Schmidt’s appearance on All Things Digital’s D9 conference, one of the most notable things to come off the stage this morning wasn’t a honeycomb tablet, but the Google Offers piece of the new Google Wallet. Of course the Google Wallet concept was criticized by the grandfather of technology writing,