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Google’s Chairman hits back at “absolutely evil” comment from Larry Ellison


Larry Ellison recently did a TV interview with Charlie Rose, where he discussed Google patent wars, Apple under Tim Cook and Steve Jobs. In the patent discussion, Ellison described Google as “absolutely evil” and said Larry Page is “100%” the problem.

This is all to do with Oracle losing $6 billion a patent case for Java API’s against Google. The U.S. District Court said any API cannot be patented due to the structure of the API simply allowing two programs to communicate.

Ellison has a recent to be hurt and a bigger reason to be swinging the blame at Google and Larry Page in general, who is the CEO of the company and has all executive decisions, especially regarding big patent disputes.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has hit back at Ellison’s claims, stating that Google don’t just know they are right, they have the U.S. District Court ruling to show they are right against Oracle and that the patent battle is completely unethical.

Schmidt also went on to say this goes into a bigger issue about patent abuse and patent trolling and making change with the US Patent & Trademark system, possibly with a reform of how the US accepts and denies patents.

It does seem like a win for Google, despite Ellison telling almost everyone they have big problems with the “Google-guys”, the company is still able to use the API and there is nothing Oracle can really do about it.

The real issue now is Google and the NSA, recent reports from Edward Snowden claim Google and other technology companies received large sums of money to work on PRISM and Google has been trying to get in the US government pocket for quite some time.


Google chairman Eric Schmidt spotted using Moto X in photos

Google chairman Eric Schmidt had been photographed using the hotly-anticipated Moto X smartphone during the Allen and Company’s 31st Annual Media and Technology Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. The photos were captured by Insider Images, a stock photography company. Gary He, the company’s director of operation, shared a link to the images on his Twitter account.


Shown in the photos are various angles of the Moto X, confirming some rumors from the avalanche of leaks that arrived within the past few months.

The clearest angle in the set of photos is of the rear panel, since Schmidt is holding the smartphone against his ear. The rear panel appears to be made of white plastic, and sports a dotted, textured pattern. The textured pattern is an interesting detail, since just a couple of days ago, we saw the rear side of the Moto X in black, with a matte finish. Phonearena surmises that perhaps Motorola will allow consumers to personalize even the finish of the smartphone’s rear panel, which would be in line with the company’s heavy emphasis on customization. Meanwhile, below the camera is the Motorola logo, and on its right side, a speaker grille.

As for the smartphone’s profile, it appears to be thicker at the middle part, and slimmer at the left and right sides. The Verge notes that this is a unique element of design that is currently not used by many phone makers. It may serve to be an advantage for the Moto X, which needs to stand out in a sea of similar-looking devices.

The smartphone’s front, for its part, seems to be completely black, from what little is shown in the photos.

Rumors place the launch of the Moto X on Verizon on August 23. If such rumor is correct, then it won’t be long until we get a clearer image of the smartphone for which Google and Motorola will shell out half a billion dollars in promotional costs. Right now, what we seem to have are puzzle pieces that on one hand, may be fun to put together, but on the other, may serve to spoil the surprises that Google and Motorola are preparing.

via the verge, phonearena

Eric Schmidt says Google Glass consumer version about a year away



Google has been relatively quiet when it comes to consumer versions of Google Glass, never getting into specifics about dates and always testing the product out to see if it can break into markets.

Currently, the Explorer edition of Google Glass is just starting to rollout to early developers and lucky winners of the #ifihadglass competition. These products are testers and will not be the final product, although they give the user a lot of insight into Glass.

Google has a lot of restrictions currently surrounding Glass, including not allowing anyone to sell or borrow Glass to a friend and not allowing developers to add advertisements on apps, amongst other rules.

Eric Schmidt, Google ex-CEO and now Chairman has said in an interview for BBC Radio 4 “World at One” show the Google Glass consumer version is about a year away, give or take.

This would be further behind than Sergey Brin’s estimate, the co-founder said Google could be selling the product before 2014, if they get everything right. Perhaps this is a more conservative estimate, given Schmidt does a lot of work outside the company now.

Whatever the case, Google Glass is still very much in a developer stage and for a new product it may take some time for apps to appear. It is not good enough to just have Maps and Google Now on the device, it needs that core ecosystem both Android and iOS have.

Google is also currently working to make sure they can make Glass an affordable product, unlike Apple, Mountain View believes in making a product for the right amount, not for $300 profit per unit.

The end price and end details are unknown, we may see Google Glass come for as much as under $500 with no carrier contracts. The end product may be a little less adventurous in the design too and may come with lenses for people who wear glasses.

Google’s Eric Schmidt Meets With Turkish Prime Minister To Discuss Tablets In The Classroom

Google's Eric Schmidt and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (photo: Today's Zaman/AA)

Turkey is set to undergo a huge transformation in their education system.  The Turkish Ministry of Education, with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Transport and Communications are set hoping to switch over every student in Turkey’s public schools to e-textbooks and e-learning by way of tablet PCs.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erodgan met with Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, on Sunday to discuss the countries plan. Turkey hopes to utilize tablets in 570,000 classrooms across 42,000 public schools in the country.

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Eric Schmidt To Sell $1.5 Billion In Google Stock

Eric Schmidt file photo: TDG LLC

The Wall Street Journal reported after the bell closed today that Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google Inc, has filed paperwork with the SEC to sell $1.5 billion dollars worth of Google stock.  This stock sale will lower his stake in the global giant from 2.8% to 2.1%

Schmidt stepped down as Google’s CEO in April of 2011 to pave the way for co-founder Larry Page to take back over the company reigns. Schmidt was moved to the position of Executive Chairman. While it was first believed this may just be a position for show, Schmidt has continued traveling around the world selling Google’s agenda to world leaders, entertainment moguls and even the President of the United States.

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Eric Schmidt: Google’s Search Not As Strong As You Think

Eric Schmidt file photo: TDG LLC

Back in September former Google CEO and now Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt testified before Congress. When he gave this testimony he came very close to admitting that Google is a monopoly.

When a member of the antitrust panel asked Schmidt:

“…you do recognize that in the words that are used and antitrust kind of oversight, your market share constitutes monopoly, dominant — special power dominant for a monopoly firm. You recognize you’re in that area?”

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Jobs Vowed Revenge On Google’s Schmidt For Android

Eric Schmidt file photo: TDG LLC

Although Schmidt left some of the most heartfelt eulogies to Steve Jobs when he passed away earlier this month, Jobs was reportedly gunning for revenge.

Prior to his death, writer Walter Isaacson had already started writing a tell all biography about Apple’s CEO, founder and tech giant Steve Jobs. The book, due out Monday, will focus on all aspects of Jobs’ life however one of the reports flurrying around the internet is that Jobs was seeking revenge on Eric Schmidt.

Jobs sat on Apple’s board from 2006-2009 when it became apparent there may be a conflict of interest brewing with Google and Android. Until this time though, Schmidt was a confidant of Jobs and they had a great relationship with iOS shipping with Google Search and Google Maps.

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Google’s Eric Schmidt Finally Joins Google+

Google executives have come under fire as of late for either not joining Google+ or using it sparingly. The concern of course is that Google+ is their own social network and Google is hoping to overtake or at least be uber competitive with their existing competitors.

Google+ has been around since late June. Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman, made his first post today. He posted links to comments he made around the web about Steve Jobs passing away.

Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page haven’t been all that active on Google+ either. When the service first rolled out Page filed his page (no pun intended) with photos of a parasailing trip. He also recently posted about Steve Jobs.

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Eric Schmidt Tops List of 2012 MWC Keynotes

Last year MWC was filled with great keynotes and manufacturer press conferences.  The first Samsung unpacked event brought out the Samsung Galaxy S II, The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. two Facebook HTC phones and the HTC Flyer.  The keynotes were equally as good, the most notable for the Android community was Eric Schmidt.

The Eric Schmidt keynote was his first major appearance after the announcement that he was stepping down from the position as Google’s CEO and moving to the position he holds now of Executive Chairman.  It was also this keynote that sparked the rumors flying about the next version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. It also pegged down the date range of October of November.

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Google’s Schmidt Defends Motorola Purchase Says It Won’t Change Android

When Google announced they were purchasing Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion dollars back on August 15th, analysts, armchair quarterbacks, bloggers and journalists predicted it may mean an Android sudden death for other OEM’s.  HTC and Samsung have banked the majority of their smartphone portfolio’s on Google’s Android operating system. While both companies also manufacturer smartphones for the Windows Phone operating system, their focus has clearly been with Android.

In the short time since the announcement HTC has lost their chief innovation officer, Samsung lost their CTO and both companies have been rumored to be working on other operating systems as well.  The most recent report has Samsung buying into the development and rollout of a new open source operating system based on the Linux kernel called Tizen.

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Google’s Eric Schmidt: If You Don’t Want To Use Your Real Name Don’t Use Google Plus

Eric Schmidt file photo: TDG LLC

National Public Radio’s Andy Carvin asked Google Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, about the Google Plus naming policy. This is a question that has been on a lot of Google Plus user’s minds since Google Plus came on the seen in the last week of June.  Many people who go by widely known pseudonyms, including “Thedroidguy” were forced to change their Google Plus names after Google started suspending those accounts. Regardless of how long you’ve used a moniker, it’s the real name Google wants.

According to Schmidt Google plus is an “identity service” which that in itself may have many people second guessing their decision to participate.

Carvin wanted to know how Google could justify their names policy when it may actually put some users at risk. The most common risks, estranged husbands and wives who’ve started a new life.  Perhaps someone who was raped or the victim of a similar crime and was able to start over using a moniker of some sort? You know real people with real problems who are totally fine using their “twitter handle” or avatar name.

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Google’s Schmidt To Host Kardashian Wedding At His Home?

Eric Schmidts Estate photo: Allthingsd

The New York Post and AllthingsD are reporting that Kim Kardashian and fiance New York Net’s basketball player Kris Humphries are getting married at Eric Schmidts estate.

This is going to be one pricey wedding. The wedding cake is reportedly 10 tiers and cost over 20,000.  Kardashian is using three dresses and allegedly flew cross country twice in one day for an adjustment. The guest list includes; Ryan Seacrest, Justin Bieber, Serena and Venus Williams and many more.  Also, even though the NBA is currently in a lockout and players and coaches aren’t supposed to be in touch with each other without union representation, an exception has been made for the wedding.

Schmidt’s 5,000 square foot estate with full sized tennis court, guest house, and extra long swimming pool should be more than enough space to accommodate Kardashians guest list of 500.

Schmidt is reportedly not on the guest list and is renting out his estate for an undisclosed sum.  Later on Tuesday AllthingsD reported that another publication back pedaled and perhaps the wedding won’t be at the Schmidt estate however the New York Post story went unchanged.

source: AllthingsD New York Post

Quixey, The App Discovery Search Engine Backed By Eric Schmidt Gets Social Media Integration

We loved Quixey at TechCrunch Disrupt so much that we immediately had it installed on our web page. Just look to the right of the story underneath the countdown to the Android Homecoming.  Give Quixey a whirl and you’ll see that it sorts through all the available app markets to find what app you need.

Quixey has raised $400,000 in seed money from Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors fund. Now they are proud to report that they are integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Twitter. Hopefully they’ll also get their place over at Google Plus. Apps developed with the API’s from those social networks are now included in search results from Quixey.  Quixey currently indexes 20 app platforms.

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Come on, Eric WTF

It’s no secret that RIM is in trouble in fact just today they announced that they are laying off 2,000 people across the globe.  But that doesn’t stop Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, from using a Blackberry in public.

The folks over at Android Central’s sister site,, have posted a photo captured over the weekend of Eric Schmidt using his Blackberry to take a photo at an event.  This isn’t the first time that he’s been caught with a Blackberry.  In 2009 Crackberry obtained another, much closer, photo of Schmidt using a Blackberry Curve 8900.  There was also some tweets from journalists at the original Verizon/Motorola, Droid X launch event that said Schmidt was using a Blackbery.

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