Best rugged Android tablets money can buy

From luxury to commodity to absolute necessity, being able to connect to the web while on the go and carrying your work with you far and wide have taken new meanings in recent years, as conventional PCs lost steam and ultraportable alternatives rapidly gained traction. And whereas most smartphone and tablet owners nowadays still fall

Five reasons why we need BlackBerry on the Android team

The rumor is not new. In some shape or form, we’ve been expecting BlackBerry to reach to the dark Google side for salvation for several years now. It seems to be the Canadians’ only shot at a hardware business revival of sorts, and by extension, the company’s survival as a whole. Granted, John Chen could

Best business-friendly Android tablets money can buy in December 2014

Once upon a time deemed harmless toys incapable of challenging the conventional laptop’s productivity, tablets have grown in mainstream popularity of late not only because they’re smaller and, often, easier to master than computers. They’re also slowly but steadily moving up the enterprise ranks, becoming safe, functional and, most of all, cheap enough to use

Samsung Knox Notifications

BYOD: Can Android overtake iOS in the workplace? [Infographic]

Do you use mobile devices in the workplace? Two-thirds of businesses today encourage employees to use their own devices for communication or collaboration in the workplace, according to an infographic shared exclusively by cloud services provider Egnyte with The Droid Guy. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have increasingly penetrated into the workplace, but the

Business strategy: How mobile mature is your enterprise?

With the rapid rise of mobile technologies and cloud-based computing, mobile devices are now being lauded as the next frontier in both enterprise and consumer computing needs. Businesses from a wide array of industries are scrambling to establish a mobile presence, although many are still building their apps and services by mimicking the functionality and

You Can Now Host “Private” Apps On Google Play

If you happen to be a Google Apps for business, education, or government user, you may just want to look into the what the new update on Google Play offers. You are now able to host your very own private internal apps right inside of the Play Store. These apps are not available to the

Samsung’s Tim Wagner Keynotes ITExpo Plays It SAFE

Samsung Vice President and General Manager Tim Wagner took the stage for an opening day kick off right after Sprint’s VP of Business/Enterprise Padget Alves. Wagner was very excited about the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note. We got to see the same 45 second teaser for Samsung’s Superbowl Ad. The 90 second ad

Quickbooks For Android Launches

Quickbooks has been a trusted name in small businesses across America for years. Now, Intuit, the creator of Quickbooks, has announced that users can access Quickbooks via their Android phones. Intuit has assessed the needs of their users on the go and has incorporated that into their Android app. Quickbooks users can use the Android

Guide To The Motorola XPRT On Sprint, Quick Video

The recently released Motorola Xprt combines your personal life and your business life on one great device. It’s also the first “World” Android device on the Sprint Now Network. Although the Motorola XPRT looks a lot like the Droid Pro on Verizon Wireless, it was built upon the same foundation and then improved.  The Motorola