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Here It Is: Ice Cream Sandwich Video In All It’s Glory

We’ve all been waiting since the first hints of Ice Cream Sandwich last year, to see this beautiful version of the Android operating system.  Ice Cream Sandwich is supposed to take all of those “bests” from Gingerbread and the “bests” from Honeycomb and mash them all together like Girl Talk. Well here it is. Here

TechCrunch Wins The Engadget TechCrunch War

A memo this morning from AOL’s CEO Tim Armstrong outlined a bunch of major changes within AOL’s advertising structure. AOL’s ad sales boss Jeff Levick is out and one of Armstrong’s confidant’s, Ned Brody is replacing him. Armstrong, a former Google executive, has been trying to rebuild AOL into a premium content centered organization. Back

The Latest HTC Thunderbolt Rumor: Battery Life

Engadget is reporting on good sources that the problems with the HTC Thunderbolt delay are stemming from bad battery life.  When all delays are considered the HTC Thunderbolt is on it’s 6th delay to release at retail. Although the Merge was never formally announced until today, that device first leaked back in August when

Motorola Xoom Already Headed To The Oscars… In Gold

The highly anticipated Motorola Xoom hasn’t even been released to the public yet and it’s already on it’s way to the Oscars. Engadget is reporting that the Gold Motorola Xoom pictured above will be given out as celebrity swag to the presenters and nominees in the Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting

Paul Miller Falls Victim To The AOL Way

Oh come on don’t deny it you read Engadget every day like most other tech enthusiasts and everyone here at thedroidguy.  We make no bones about it we are more team TC than team Engadget however, I do have a lot of respect for everything Engadget does and has done for the tech community. Although

Verizon: HTC Thunderbolt Hotspot Works and So Does Talk & Data on 3G

One of the hottest stories over the weekend was that an internal Verion document suggested that Verizon was holding back the Mobile Hotspot feature and Skype video on the upcoming HTC Thunderbolt. However Verizon did an about face this morning that was discovered in a leaked internal memo that Droid Life and Engadget picked up.

When News crosses that line to Gossip… OpEd

Recently there has been a big push in Android news that “news” sites are getting exclusive information on new devices or products “going” to be launched in future. These sites claim to have an “insider” who has sent them info on said product, such as the Droid X2 or Droid 3, (which I might  add

T-Mobile Customers Rejoice Froyo To Vibrant Tomorrow

Engadget is reporting by way of PC Magazine that Froyo is coming tomorrow to a Samsung Vibrant near you.  This wasn’t just some annonymous tip either. T-Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman told PC Magazine directly that the Froyo update would be here tomorrow. Brodman cited quality control issues and timing issues for the reason

Mikes Arrogance Or Business Insiders Ignorance? OpED

So the other day Mike Arrington called out the Engadget possee for purchasing ads on Google.  Engadget quicky rebutted saying that AOL paid for those ads and not them.  Business Insider (for the same reason I’m doing this right now, to get more hits LOL) decided to postulate a hypotehsis on this and suggest that

The Dell Streak 7 is Coming

We’re sure you’ve seen the original Dell Streak get some swift pricing changes and enhancements. This is probably to make way for the new 7″ version of the Dell Streak. The new version of the Dell Streak is rumored to be 7″ and feature a Tegra 2 processor making it uber fast.  The original Dell