Instagram: To Delete, Or Not To Delete

Instagram finally arrived on Android just last week, and iPhone users were in a huge uproar over “those Android users” getting into their club. Instagram also received 1 million downloads in the first day, showing that there really was a lot of Android users joining the club. However, a lot of the Android community couldn’t

App Spotlight:

In need of some immediate service? Like we would always tell you, there’s probably a way to take care of that with your Android device. is an Android app that will find you almost any type of service that you need, and do it quickly. If something important happens like a damaging leak in

Instagram Gets ANOTHER Update, This Time With Tablet Support

The folks over at Instagram have really been busy making sure their app is top notch. We’ve seen a handful of updates since the initial launch, more than most developers, and all have done at least something to really make the overall performance better. Getting 1 million downloads in the first 24 hours, these dedicated developers

Plume Receives Update To Bring New ICS-Style UI

    Plume has been one of our favorite apps here at TheDroidGuy for a while now, and today that have pushed a pretty awesome update to their Twitter client. In addition to support for and, Plume now has a completely redesigned UI in light of the new ICS style apps. The bar at

Instagram For Android Review

So Instagram is finally on Android. We’ve been waiting for this hit iPhone camera app to come to Android for a while now, and while some of the community is saying “Android didn’t need Instagram, we have our own Retro Camera”, the fact of the matter is this: Instagram is a big deal. Instagram has

Sprint Finally Fixes Optimus S Gingerbread Update And Resumes Rollout

The LG Optimus S started receiving its Gingerbread update in September of 2011. It’s now April of 2012, and most Optimus S devices still have not received the update, and the ones who did experienced a handful of pretty crippling issues. Sprint quickly acknowledged the issue, and halted the update so they could fix the issues. Thankfully

HTC Is Taking It To Motorola With 3G Device ICS Updates

We’re starting to see how promised device updates from Google I/O 2011 are really going to pan out. Many Motorola device owners were upset to see how lacking there list of updates was, and a lot of Motorola’s 3G lineup was completely left out, making DROID X2 and DROID 3 users really regret upgrading to

Verizon Finally Reaching 200 4G LTE Markets This Friday

Verizon Wireless promised last year that we would see 400 4G LTE markets in the US by the end of 2012, and folks, they are well on their way to reaching that goal. Verizon has been adding new markets and expanding the ones already there at a steady pace for quite a while, and today

Google Play Is The Wrong Step In The Right Direction [OPINION]

With Google finally having launched all three of its additional components to the Android Market, it’s understandable that they wanted a streamlined interface for users to understand what they were purchasing and that they were purchasing it from the same vendor. Google Books, Google Videos, and Google Music had all been slightly separate until now.