Tilt/Shift Filter Finally Added To Instagram In Version 1.1

Instagram has been bumped to version 1.1 in the Google Play Store, and they have FINALLY added the tilt filter to the rest of the mix. I have been waiting for this feature since the app’s release, and have been very jealous of the iPhone counterpart. This filter has been used by iOS users since

HTC And Verizon Announce The DROID Incredible 4G At CTIA

HTC and Verizon’s Incredible 4G has been leaked for quite a while now from pictures to specs, and today at CTIA in New Orleans the device was finally announced officially. The DROID Incredible series has been going strong on Verizon for a while now, and they have stayed true to the form factor with the

Google Unveils Google Drive, The Company’s Unified Storage Service

What may be Google’s worst kept secret of all time, Google Drive, was finally announced today. Google has already had storage options available in other Google services (Google Docs, Google Music, Picasa, etc), but today they unveiled Drive as the unified waynto manage just about anything you need to store. Google has been known to

HTC One S Hitting T-Mobile Stores April 25 For $199

We have all been in anticipation waiting for HTC’s One series devices to hit US shores, and after AT&T announced their One X, T-Mobile was quick to bring us a date and price for the One S as well. Today in NYC T-Mobile announced that the One S would be hitting their carrier with 4G

App Spotlight: Nosh

Yesterday while roaming through the Play Store, I stumbled on an app called Nosh. Now, so you can understand correctly, I am a HUGE food fan. I love apps that show me food, let me check-in to food places, and almost anything else. And while Nosh may not sound much like a food app, it