EA to layoff 10% of their workforce?

  Electronic Arts is having a tough time right now and for the second time in a month we have got reports that the company may lay off some employees from their office. This news was first reported by Kotaku and later on, the EA officially confirmed these reports. Although the news from Kotaku claimed

EA Backs Down On Project Honor Charity

Electronic Arts has backed down from the Project Honor charity, where the complete goal was to raise money for soldiers’ families through the selling of real weapons that are featured in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The press, for some reason, gave a negative response to Electronic Arts’ sale of real live tomahawks and some other

Review: Tetris

Available On: Android, iOS Price: $2.99, $0.99 on iTunes Download: Google Play | iTunes Gamers who loved playing Tetris back in the old school and retro days of gaming are going to love to hear the news that Electronic Arts has actually developed Tetris for both iOS and Android platforms. Obviously you won’t have the

Mirror’s Edge for Nokia Lumia Devices

Those who enjoyed playing the Xbox Live 2010 edition game the Mirror’s Edge, they would now have the option to enjoy it on their Nokia Lumia phones as well. Nokia teamed up with EA games and finally brought that up exclusively for their discerning Lumia users. The game downloads at 131 MB and initial tests

EA Launches Free Version Of Tetris Exclusively To Android

Tetris, the wildly addicting puzzle game that we’ve been playing since the original GameBoy is finally free. We’re not talking about some downloaded apk off a torrent site or getting a hook up or even an Amazon free for a day promotion.  EA Sports has proudly announced that Tetris Free will join Scrabble Free in

PopCap Sends Their New Bosses An EA-Card

Electronic Arts (EA) has purchased PopCap the makers of great hits like Plants Vs. Zombies, Chuzzle and Bookworm for $1.3 billion dollars effectively making many members of the Seattle based PopCap staff multi-millionaires.  With PopCap’s creativity and experience in the casual gaming world this merger is a win-win for everyone, especially the end-user. Source: Geekwire

Sims 3 Arrives in the Android Market

The Sims 3 needs no real introduction, just a quick note that it was one of the original games ported from Xbox Live to the Windows phone 7 platform. Well forget Windows Phone 7 if you’re an Android user Sims 3 is now available in the Android Market. The Android version will let you control