AT&T and UK Carrier EE Partner for 4G LTE Roaming In The UK

AT&T has been signing lots of deals with international carriers lately, most recently with Rogers in Canada. Now AT&T users who travel to the UK can use EE’s 4G LTE service. Usually you can only use 3G and HSPA services when traveling, but now people who rely on fast data speeds can benefit. A deal

EE Has Improved 4G Spectrum Allowance to Increase Speeds

Whilst most of the mobile networks in the UK are still lagging behind many other 4G capable networks, Everything Everywhere, or EE for short is still the first and only UK network to have 4G. The likes of Vodafone and O2 seem to be very close to releasing a 4G network to the public, but

BlackBerry Q5 Pre-Orders Now Available For UK Networks

Previously we reported that the upcoming BlackBerry Q5 was available for pre-order in the UK SIM free. While having a device that isn’t subsidized by any network has its advantages, primarily being able to use it on various networks, the price is a bit on the high side. Those looking to get this model on

HTC One SV LTE Now Free On EE UK

We know how difficult it is looking for a free smartphone but if ever you are in the UK area you have the chance to get one. How does owning an HTC One SV sound? This midrange device is now being offered by EE for free when you get a new contract and the best


HTC One SV With LTE Capabilities Available Off-Contract In The UK

Remember HTC’s mid-range 4G LTE One SV smartphone for European and Asian countries? It’s making it’s way over to the United Kingdom today, and has first surfaced on online retailer Clove Technology’s website. The device is unlocked and without a SIM for £350. Both white and blue color models are available. Under the hood of HTC’s

Mid Ranged HTC One SV With 4G LTE Launched in the UK

Well, we haven’t heard a lot about HTC’s plans for the mid-ranged segment ever since it announced the One V along with the One X and the One S. Although HTC was launching devices like the Desire X, Desire V etc in some markets, there wasn’t a lot of them to brag about. It’s the

Everything Everywhere To Launch 4G LTE Service In UK On October 30th

Just six weeks ago, United Kingdom communications regular Ofcom had granted Everything Everywhere (now “EE”) the right to roll out their brand new 4G LTE service over their existent 1800MHz wireless spectrum. Starting later this month on October 30th, the new brand along with its 4G LTE services will finally be launching in the United

4G In The United Kingdom Ready For Widespread Roll Out

Several different UK mobile network providers, the UK’s communications regulator Ofcon, and some other government officials have officially announced a deal that will be accelerating the roll out of 4G LTE services throughout the entirety of the United Kingdom. This new settlement means that carriers like O2 and Vodafone will have the ability to begin