Newark’s West Side High Is Having A Bring A Verizon Employee To Work Day

Verizon Wireless continues to show their commitment to education in their home state of New Jersey this Thursday at Newark’s West Side High School in Newark NJ. The program, spearheaded by Jersey Cares, is putting 57 Verizon employees who are part of Verizon’s Leadership Development program with 250 students. The Verizon employees will mentor the

Android Tablets Already In The School Yard

There’s been a lot of talk about the iPad in the classroom with Apple’s ibooks news earlier this week. Tablet computers are starting to take up residency in classrooms across the country and while it may seem like a natural fit for the iPad, the Motorola Xoom has already¬† been in a pilot program. According

The Android BootCamp at CTIA – Bringing Android to businesses

One of the highlights of the non-showfloor part of CTIA is the panels. Each one this year was a targeted session for either application developers or Business owners looking to find the next way to make their business better. Those companies who are aware have already started to look at Android as a real platform