Mobile Device Privacy Act To Prevent Carrier IQ Incidents In The Future

When Carrier IQ was first exposed by’s Russell Holly it sparked a whirlwind of information and debate even at congressional levels. Key members of congress like Senator Al Franken and Congressman Edward Markey, both wanted to hear from Carrier IQ in regards to protecting citizens privacy. The debate over Carrier IQ sparked a new

Google’s Eric Schmidt Responds To Government Concerns Over Privacy Policy

Google is in the process of changing their privacy policy. Rather than having 60+ different privacy policies that cover each of their products they’ve opted for one comprehensive policy that covers all of their products collectively. Congressman Ed Markey, along with seven other members of congress, sent a letter to Google expressing their concern over

Congress Concerned About Security In Kindle Fire’s Web Browser

Representative Ed Markey of Massachusetts, the co-chair of the bi-partisan privacy caucus has sent a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The letter outlines the caucus’s concerns over the privacy of users who buy the recently announced Amazon Kindle Fire. Amazon has taken pre-orders for hundreds of thousands of Kindle Fire tablets (e-readers) that use

Verizon Wireless Adding Location Data Warning Stickers

While the iPhone and Android fan boys battle it out over who is sending more information back to California, the folks at Verizon Wireless have decided not to sit still and debate the matter any longer. It’s a fact of life that smartphones gather data and send it somewhere to have it do something to