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Google Home Mini Vs Echo Dot Comparison Best Home Assistant Device 2019

With smart home devices flooding the market, it can be difficult to choose what to go with, let alone the smart home device with the best ecosystem (e.g. what brand, such as Amazon or Google, can provide you with the best software experience from their smart home devices). Of course, price might set some people off from a smart home device — the most popular on the market, the Google Home and Amazon Echo, sit at around $100. It’s a lot to take a risk on for something you may or may not be able to integrate into your life.

That’s why Google and Amazon have both come up with more affordable, miniature options of their smart home devices — the Google Home Mini and the Amazon Echo Dot. Follow along below, and we’ll go over the differences between these two miniature smart home devices and show you which one is the best.

Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is essentially a Google Home, only in a miniature form. It lacks some features, such as the top controls the Google Home had, as well as a microphone sensitivity that isn’t nearly as strong. However, in functionality, the Google Home and Google Home Mini are practically identical. The hardware downgrades that are apparent in the Google Home Mini are quite necessary, bringing the price down by $50 or more.

The Google Home Mini is nice because you get all of the functionality of Google Assistant, but it’s also a nice, affordable, low profile package. Since it’s so affordable and so small, it’s easy to buy a few of these and put them in every major room — the living room, the bedroom, etc.

Unfortunately, you can’t pick up a Google Home Mini from Amazon, and can only grab them from the Google Store. Check it out for yourself below.

Buy it now: Google Store

Amazon Echo Dot

The Google Home Mini, in function, of course has a lot of similarities to the Amazon Echo Dot as well. They’re both smart home devices designed to assist you in everyday tasks, such as inquiring about the weather, traffic, ordering things online, etc. The Amazon Echo Dot, of course, does all of that, but within Amazon’s own ecosystem.

The Echo Dot has some notable hardware differences than the Google Home Mini — seven far-field microphones (five more than the Google Home Mini), a 3.5mm audio jack, and an integrated 0.6″ speaker. Bluetooth audio support is included.

With Bluetooth audio output and its 3.5mm audio jack, the Echo Dot is able to connect up to almost any speaker or AV receiver, which is a little more than the Google Home Mini can do. The Amazon Echo Dot is really nice, having one major advantage over the Google Home Mini, which is the sheer integration abilities. With Alexa and the Echo Dot, there are thousands of “skills” you can add to it, expanding its functionality. The Google Home Mini has no such feature.

The Echo Dot really is a nice device, and similar to the Google Home Mini, it’s affordability and low profile design make it economical and easy to buy a few and put them in different rooms. Check out the Echo Dot at the link below.

Buy it now: Amazon


Both the Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot look like attractive options, possible even the Google Home Mini more than Amazon’s offering. After all, the Home Mini has the backing and support of Google, so you know your product, software wise, will always be taken care of with upgrades and such.

The Google Home Mini can be seen as a lesser product, primarily because Google built the Home Mini off of the success/platform of the Echo Dot. It’s more of a copy than anything — you can even see that in the cheaper hardware. So, the question remains: which should you go with?

Ultimately, it depends on the ecosystem you’re already involved with. If you already use Google products substantially, you’re going to get the most out of the Google Home Mini. But, if you use Amazon products more than Google, you’ll find that Alexa in the Echo Dot can serve you a whole lot better than Google.

And if you can’t make a choice, the Amazon Echo Dot is obviously a more quality product, featuring better hardware and possibly even a better ecosystem.

[Deal] Amazon Echo and Echo Dot for $139.99 and $39.99

Echo Dot
Echo Dot
The Amazon Echo Dot

#Amazon is now offering impressive discounts on the #Echo and the #EchoDot home assistant devices. The company originally launched the Echo first, and then slowly expanded its lineup with the addition of the Echo Dot. The Echo and the Echo Dot are now selling for $139.99 and $39.99 respectively on Amazon.

The only reason you would want to get the Echo Dot is if you’re looking for something small and portable. It will require an external speaker to connect (wired or Bluetooth), so you won’t be able to run it independently. The standard Echo, however, comes with a set of speakers of its own, so you won’t have to look around for an audio source.

One of the most attractive features of these Echo devices is the addition of the Alexa voice assistant which walks you through almost every query and request you have about the device. It can take commands like playing music, read you news and much more.

These discounted prices will surely make the Echo a very attractive proposition to the customers.



Amazon’s Tap and Echo Dot are the company’s newest Alexa powered smart devices

Amazon Tap

Amazon Tap

The #AmazonEcho is a revolutionary product with its always-on voice assistant Alexa being our favorite. The company has now decided to diversify the lineup with the release of two more products based on Alexa. These are known as Tap and Echo Dot.

The Tap is basically a more convenient version of the standard Echo and comes with the same set of features and as a bonus comes with a battery underneath too. This means that the device can function independently without requiring a power outlet, unlike the original Echo. Amazon claims that the device has a battery life of about 9 hours, which should be more than enough. It can pair with your devices over WiFi as well as Bluetooth.

But there’s one caveat here and that’s the lack of an always-on microphone. Amazon is not providing this feature on the device since it operates on battery. So in order to make a request every time, you will have to tap on the microphone button on the device. This might be a bit of an inconvenience for standard Echo users, but not much of a sacrifice given that it can be carried around with you. The Amazon Tap can be pre-ordered now for $129.99 with availability commencing on March 31.

Echo Dot
The Amazon Echo Dot

The Echo Dot is essentially a shrunken down version of the full sized Echo, which naturally means that it has a very small speaker as well. However, the Echo Dot comes with the same 7-microphone arrangement as on its larger sibling. It can pair with a nearby Bluetooth speaker or use a 3.5mm jack to connect to bigger speakers, so the lack of a proper speaker module is not exactly a concern. This product is exclusive to Amazon Prime users and requires customers to make the purchase over a Fire TV or an existing Amazon Echo, which is kind of weird. This product can be snatched up for $89.99.

Source: Amazon