5 Best USB-C Headphones In 2019

Smartphones are moving away from micro-USB technology, and after just a couple of years, it’s almost like you can only get phones with a USB-C port now. And on top of that, most manufacturers have removed the headphone jack to make room for even better phone technology, or to create better waterproof of their phones. That said,

samsung galaxy note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Audio Problem When Using Earphones

Here’s a new message that came in recently through The Droid Guy Mailbag: “Hi The Droid Guy, my question is why do I only get audio through one side of my earphones. I’ve tried different quality sets and only get slight sounds through one side and normal sound through the other. It’s frustrating, this is

Sennheiser and Adidas launch new series of earphones

Sennheiser is pretty much of a household name. It is a world-leading manufacturer of microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems. Now, Sennheiser has ties up with Adidas to launch new sports earphone series. The company has launched five new models which are said to have undergone tests conducted by professional athletes. The new line of