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HTC’s revenues decreased by 64.31% in Q1 2016 (YoY)

It’s no secret that #HTC has been struggling to make a mark on the mobile industry for the past few years now. The fact that there were disastrous phones like the #OneM7 and the #OneM9 added salt to the company’s wounds. It seems like things have continued to go downhill, especially in Q1 2016. HTC’s

Samsung posts Q1 2014 earnings, profits down 3.3% year-over-year

Samsung earlier today announced the total income and profits generated in the first quarter of the year. Although these figures surpassed Samsung’s own estimations, it’s marginally down from last year. The company garnered $51.8 billion in revenue with $8.2 billion coming in as operating profit ($7.3 billion net profit). Of these figures, $30.29 billion in

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Samsung posts record Q3 profits of $9.65 billion

After LG announced its Q3 results yesterday, it’s the turn of fellow South Korean manufacturer Samsung. And unlike LG, Samsung has seen incredible growth both in terms of revenue and profits. The company earned a total of $55.6 billion¬†this passing quarter which is up from $49.1 billion from Q3 back in 2012. The total profits

T-Mobile added 1.1 million subscribers in Q2 2013

T-Mobile has just posted its Q2 2013 financial results and the carrier certainly has a lot to smile about. With the addition of 1.1 million new subscribers between May and July of this year, the company saw tremendous growth. Its 4G LTE network now covers over 116 cities and 157 million people in the U.S.