EA at E3: 11 New Titles Coming To Next Gen Consoles

EA has taken the big stage just after the Xbox event, showing off their vast amount of new games from various studios. Peter Moore stepped on stage to announce the next generation in EA games. With all the bad press EA has been getting, it is good to see a huge selection of games coming.


Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare spotted in E3 lobby

Following the new Plants vs Zombies: II game, which will be a free to play game with microtransactions, the Popcap team will be rolling out another PVZ game, this time a first person shooter. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare has not been leaked much on the web, but sources have told Kotaku the game will

Kickstarter Funded GameStick Releases E3 Trailer

  It’s always nice to see mobile related tech at E3, and it looks like GameStick is going to be one of the bunch that fall into that category. Whilst the spotlight at this year’s E3 will no doubt be on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, PlayJam has still managed to gather a

Pepcom: Size Doesn’t Matter, Open For All Working Journalists

Typically during coverage of a major trade show or event, if you’re reading Thedroidguy than you hear about Pepcom. Whether it’s in stories, or mentioned in videos, Pepcom events are regularly attended by Thedroidguy and thousands of other accredited, and working technology journalists. Pepcom events or “Digital Experience”, events are demo events for working journalists

e3 Wrap Up, Sights, Sounds, And The Breakdown

Over the past three days while TheDroidGuy and Cam where in NY for events I was able to spend the time in LA(Ok I live here anyways) at e3. For those who don’t know what e3 is, here we go. Its ALL about gaming. This is the event that all major companies will trounce out

[Exclusive] First look of OnLive for Android

Thats right, while at e3 we where able to hang out with the guys at OnLive and were able to have them show it off working on the Xoom. Onlive for those who haven’t heard of it yet, makes it so you can play games on your computer in which are pure streaming so nothing

[Exclusive] First hands on with Cracking Sands

Last night while we were at e3 in Los Angeles we where shown a brand new game not out yet from Polarbit called Cracking Sands. Think of it like a sand racing game with weapons.  We got some hands on time with the new game on the Sony Xperia Play the first PlayStation certified phone