Barnes & Noble will give Nook line to third party manufacturers

Barnes & Noble will be spinning off Nook’s in house manufacturing development. This is not the end for Nook, Barnes & Noble will look for third party licensing deals, to make sure they don’t lose money on the physical side. Books are still a valued commodity, Amazon is doing incredibly well with the Kindle line,

Gardner Releases Budget E-Reader

Are you ready for another budget e-reader that is even cheaper than the Amazon Kindle Fire of the Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet? Here comes the Gardner GoTab Hive Reader which retails for only £59 or around US$96. Using a feature called Hive Reader Technology, they can save eBooks in the ePub or PDF formats

Review: Nook – e-Book On The Go!

Available On: Android, iOS Price: Free, in-App Purchases Download: Google Play | iTunes No one said you ever needed an e-Reader to have the full Nook book experience. The Nook app for mobile devices offers the full e-Reader experience that the Nook Tablet or Nook Color offers. It’s a great app and has over two

Amazon Blocking Competitors E-Reader Apps?

The Amazon Kindle Fire has been the best selling item to date on, that says a lot considering how long Amazon has been around.  Amazon’s Kindle Fire is the ultimate media consumption machine. It’s also been said that Amazon is taking a small loss on each Kindle Fire, hoping to recoup that money with