Samsung Daynote to target Amazon Kindle

The Samsung Daynote is rumored to be a forthcoming version of the Galaxy Note with an e-ink display. This device will allegedly contend with Amazon’s Kindle line of products. The blog Phandroid was the first to announce the device, after having spotted the name Samsung Daynote in the public records of the United States Patent

$200 E Ink Android phone!

Smartphones are getting bigger day by day. Recently, 5 inch 1080p displays have become a standard and almost all smartphone manufacturers are launching a device with this kind of display. In order to run big displays with high amount of resolution, you’ll also need bigger battery. Sadly, the battery technology hasn’t advanced enough in the

Ricoh Builds A Different Kind Of Tablet

The world is all abuzz these days about tablets, tablets, tablets.  There are over 50 Android based tablets expected to be released this year from big names like Toshiba, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and ASUS and small knock-off junk manufacturers like MSI.  When the tablet boom started it was hopeful they’d make their users more productive,