Best Android hybrids, convertibles, laptops and multi-purpose PCs

They said Android is limited. Impractical to use on a larger than 10-inch screen. Worthless with physical keyboards, and utterly inoperable on “full-on” computing machines. They scoffed at the idea of mainstream Android laptops, which was filed under megalomaniac fantasies from overly imaginative, reality-disconnected nerds. Well, we showed them. And by we, I mean a

AMD unveils new Z-Series processor dubbed as ‘Hondo’

While ARM-based processors dominate the tablet market today, Microsoft’s Windows 8 provides x86-based CPUs a fresh shot at the market. Intel was the first one to adapt to the growing market but Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) shows no sign of backing down in the competition it is well-acquainted with. Consequently, the company recently announced its

Could we be seeing Windows 8 and Android on the same device?

Sounds unreal, right? Well, to start with, this is not any induced hypothesis. This is a soon to be reality. Asus has released two teaser videos that unveils its new product Computex 2012 and both the videos hint at the possible integration of Android and Windows 8 in the device. The device would be a