5 Best Cloud Storage Android App for Photo and Video Backup

The cloud is no longer the somewhat empty buzzword it used to be during its infancy. Cloud is now used as the backbone of large corporations, state governments, and digital lives of individual users, who use it to store data, manage their finance, and do countless other useful things. Get Unlimited Photo Storage With Amazon

Over 70 million Dropbox account log-ins were stolen back in 2012

Remember the 2012 hack which was believed to have compromised a few #Dropbox accounts? Well, it seems like the hacker managed to get his hands on nearly 70 million account log-ins back then, putting several customers in a state of worry. However, you’re safe if you have changed your password since then. If not, we

Dropbox Update

Dropbox 3.0 comes with a Material Design makeover

The Dropbox app on Android has just received an update which introduces a handful of Material Design changes. It also comes with a new search bar that is visible at all times on the app, but nothing much apart from that. The app has received multiple UI updates in the past, but this is quite

Dropbox Update

Update to the Dropbox app finally lets you export files to the SD card

Dropbox for Android is getting a new update today which introduces support for exporting files directly to the smartphone or tablet’s SD card in addition to the internal storage. This will give users the versatility of adding files wherever they please rather than having to worry about the internal storage filling up. These features are

Mailbox Android

Dropbox brings Mailbox app for Android

Popular iOS email client Mailbox will now make its way to Android via the Play Store. The app which was an exclusive to iOS since its launch is now expanding to other platforms thanks to Dropbox which acquired the app last year. This is your standard run of the mill mail client really and is


New Chromecast app allows streaming from Dropbox

The Chromecast SDK is still in beta, leaving app developers sitting on their app, incapable of getting it onto the Chromecast or Google Play store. For developers to get apps onto the store, they need to contact Google, who may or may not allow it. Koushik Datta has created another application from Chromecast, after previously

Android vs iOS Part II: The Cloud

If you are on the fence about an Apple iPhone or an Android phone, and have read the first part of the Android vs iOS series, you are probably no closer to making a decision. There I discussed that despite the convergence in the elements of the user interface of the iOS operating system found

Future Samsung Devices To Come With Free Dropbox Storage

Dropbox is an outstanding cloud-based application. The service keeps your files synced across all of your difference devices. Not only that, but Dropbox serves well as a backup service too. Samsung liked what the company was doing and began integrating the software when they released the widely popular Samsung Galaxy S III and gave users a free

Dropbox For Windows 8 Now Available

The Dropbox app for Windows 8 is finally available for download over at the Windows Store. This app was submitted to Microsoft last month for review and is now fully certified to run on Windows 8 and Windows RT. If you’ve been holding off upgrading your current operating system due to lack of Dropbox support

Bitcasa Gives Infinite Cloud Storage To Android

You must have heard of DropBox, Box or even SugarSync when searching for a cloud based storage solution. But have you heard of Bitcasa? Just like the previous named services, this service also offers a cloud based solution for anyone who wants to have a secure place to store their data. The only difference is

Dropbox had Released Update 2.0 with New Features and UI

Dropbox had released their latest update 2.0 for the iOS with a fresh new look and new User Interface (UI). Their boast? They refined photo experience in the iOS. For those who are not familiar what Dropbox is, here is a brief summary. Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc. that offers

Dropbox Acquires Photo Sharing Service Snapjoy

Dropbox has been very active since the past few days. It recently acquired music streaming service AudioGalaxy which led us to believe that it had something in store for the cloud music crowd. This made a lot of sense especially since Dropbox is already a big name in the cloud storage industry with a large

Review: Dropbox

Available On: Android, iOS Price: Free Download: Google Play | iTunes Dropbox is another cloud based storage client that you can upload files to from your computer. Dropbox has a very unique system of doing things, but since Google Drive has come along I felt like it’s worth reviewing Dropbox. Google Drive and Dropbox are

Dropbox will soon remove public folders from its services

Among the plethora of services offered by Dropbox, one of the most useful services was the Public Folders. However, Dropbox is planning to scrap the public folders. All accounts created after 31st July, 2012 will not have the option of creating Public Folders. Dropbox CEO, Drew Houston, along with Ivan Kirigin, the Product Manager, has

Dropbox update for Ice Cream Sandwich Users

Ice Cream Sandwich’s market distribution still stands at a meager 7.1%, months after its release. If you’re one of those few people who’ve managed to upgrade to Android 4.0, here’s a Dropbox update for you. Dropbox 2.1.4 brings two major updates, one of which is support for Korean language. For the first time ever, Dropbox

Could We Finally See Google Drive Next Week?

If rumors reported by The Next Web are to be believed (and they are usually right) we could see Google’s cloud based storage service called, Google Drive, as early as a week from today. According to TNW Google Drive will simultaneously be available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. As we’ve heard a number of