Whoops Partner Leaks The Name Google Drive

Everyone is waiting to see the next great product from Google. We’ve heard rumor after rumor that Google is going to unveil a cloud based storage system similar to box.com and dropbox. So far the name we keep hearing is “Google Drive”. Well it looks like partner LucidChart has let the cat out of the

Google Drive Getting Closer

Last year we started hearing rumblings of a cloud based file service coming out from Google. Google is the master of the cloud with all of the Google Apps and their easy ability to sync to Android devices. Google is looking to take on competitors like Drop Box, Box.net and other cloud based file lockers.

The Drop Box Killer Is Almost Here (CE Week NY Coverage 2011)

We took a press briefing with the great people at WYSE the day after Google IO ended back in San Francisco.  They wanted to show off some of the really cool things that they were working on for the next version of PocketCloud, the best, bar none, remote desktop for Android. Shortly after that meeting,