Verizon Wireless Strips Down HTC Thunderbolt

Our friends at Droid Life are reporting that two of the key features to get a phone on Verizon, especially a 4G phone, will not be active at launch. According to Droid Life’s reliable but anonymous tipster, and confirmed by our anonymous tipster, the HTC Thunderbolt will not have Mobile Hotspot when it hits shelves

Howard Stern Switching To Android?

Howard Stern has seemed genuinely intrigued lately by his Producer and side kick Gary Dell’Abate’s new Droid 2 smartphone.¬† Last week he apparently asked Dell’Abate if the internet was faster on his Droid 2 than Stern’s Blackberry, for which Dell’Abate reported back that it was. One of his listeners, who is some kind of phone

Trademark: HTC Sensation Is This The Tablet Version Of Sense?

HTC filed a European trademark on January 19th for the term “HTC Sensation”¬† the extrapolation for the trademark reads: “Mobile phones, smartphones, wireless phones, wireless devices, portable computers and personal digital assistants, computer hardware and software for mobile, portable and wireless devices; user interface software; computer hardware and software for user interfacing, telecommunications and telecommunications

Verizon Drops Price of Galaxy Tab to $499

Verizon has officially dropped the price of the popular Samsung Galaxy Tab from $599 to $499 at it’s corporate owned retail stores. had the price card picture sent into them by one of their readers. In addition to the savings of $100, new buyers will receive $60 worth of download credits for the Samsung