Droid Incredible 2 Coming In Red For Black Friday

Verizon Wireless will start selling the Droid Incredible 2 in a new red edition starting Friday November 25th. The device, arriving on Black Friday, is exactly the same as the original Droid Incredible 2 except for the exciting new red body. The equipment guide page for the Droid Incredible 2 red found here says that

Verizon’s Been Busy With Droid!

This last week a lot of stories have been surfacing about the upcoming Droid branded Android phones on Verizon Wireless. Couple that with the probably solid rumor we heard about the iPhone 5 and you’ll agree that now is a great time for Droid. First off, the great crew over at Droid Life (Kellex was

Motorola Xoom WiFi Headed To Staples Also

As we reported at the tail end of last week we are expecting the WiFi only version of the Motorola Xoom to end up at Sam’s Club sometime this month or early next month. Droid-Life is reporting that the Wifi Xoom will be available at Staples as well. According to Droid-Life’s sources the Motorola Xoom

Did Your 25% Off Motorola Xoom Ship?

During this years Super Bowl the Chad OchoCinco News Network gave away 25% off coupon codes to the Motorola online store that don’t expire until March 15, 2011. The coupon code wasn’t good for phones but it was for accessories. When the Motorola Xoom went on sale last Thursday Motorola naturally didn’t group the Xoom

Verizon: HTC Thunderbolt Hotspot Works and So Does Talk & Data on 3G

One of the hottest stories over the weekend was that an internal Verion document suggested that Verizon was holding back the Mobile Hotspot feature and Skype video on the upcoming HTC Thunderbolt. However Verizon did an about face this morning that was discovered in a leaked internal memo that Droid Life and Engadget picked up.

Adobe Air goes live for Android October 8th?

At the Samsung Galaxy Tab launch, we were given a hands on test of Adobe Air. We got a single game to play with, and it ran great every time. There was little opportunity to actually test Air, given a lack of available content, but the demo was solid to say the least. At the