Verizon Wireless Drops Droid Incredible 2 To Just $9.99

Look back two years and you’ll remember the original HTC Droid Incredible. You may also recall the rumors that were actually started by Google that said that the original Google Nexus One (made by HTC) was headed to Verizon Wireless. That never happened, instead Verizon Wireless got the HTC Droid Incredible. In 2011 Verizon Wireless

BREAKING: Red Droid Incredible 2 Recalled By Verizon Headquarters

According to this memo sent to us by one of our Verizon Wireless ninjas and then verified, all Verizon Wireless stores are sending their on hand stock (or any remaining) back per an order from Verizon Wireless headquarters marketing. It appears that the store stock may be used to fulfill orders from Verizon’s online and