Verizon HTC Droid DNA

HTC Droid DNA on Verizon getting a firmware update

The HTC Droid DNA smartphone from Verizon is now receiving a security update bundled with a couple of minor UI tweaks. The update also patches the OpenSSL related vulnerabilities which were recently discovered on Android. Among the other changes included in the update are changes to the battery and WiFi status indicator, Miracast support and the patching of

Verizon DROID DNA KitKat update now rolling out

HTC announced earlier that the KitKat update would be going out to DROID DNA owners on Verizon on Thursday, and the Taiwanese manufacturer (or should we say Verizon) is keeping its word. The update has started rolling out to devices this morning along with a smaller update that will prep the device for the KitKat upgrade,

Droid DNA

HTC Droid DNA on Verizon getting a minor update

  The HTC Droid DNA on Verizon has been available for almost an year now, and it was widely successful up until newer smartphones like the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 arrived. This smartphone is almost on the brink of extinction on Verizon, but that doesn’t mean the carrier is going to cut

Verizon HTC Droid DNA

Verizon promises Sense 5 update for the HTC Droid DNA

Verizon has promised that the HTC Droid DNA will be getting the Sense 5.0 UI from the recent breed of HTC devices. The carrier is reportedly working on the Android 4.3 update for the smartphone beginning from this month, so there’s every possibility that it could be rolled out along with that. Alternatively, Verizon could


HTC Droid DNA on Verizon gets a price cut

The HTC Droid DNA can now be pouched up for a cool price tag of $49.99 on a 2 year contract. This seems to be a limited period promotion from Verizon or perhaps its own sweet way of telling us that the HTC One is going to arrive soon. The One has been rumored to

Top 3 Smartphones Of 2012

This year was fantastic for smartphone releases. Earlier this year we saw the Samsung Galaxy S III, which was a worldwide phenomenon selling over 30+ million units. Nearing the end of the year, Samsung finished with a bang by releasing their Galaxy Note II, a larger version of the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy

Red HTC Droid DNA For Verizon Employees Pictured

Some of you may be a bit jealous of a device that you can’t buy, but it seems that Verizon has a red Droid DNA available exclusively for their employees. Below are the first pictures of the device, which were obtained by our friends over at Droid-Life. There’s nothing new about this device aside from the color

HTC Butterfly Hits Taiwan

The HTC Butterfly will be available in the Taiwanese market starting tomorrow, December 11. It will thus be available earlier than the iPhone 5, which is set to arrive a few days later. According to analysts, the schedule for the arrival of the smartphone is in time with the holidays, when some consumers would want

DROID DNA One-Click Toolkit To Unlock and Root Avaialble

It’s questionable as to whether the DROID DNA is one of the best smartphones available today for a few reasons, but that’s a topic for another time. As you know, Verizon is like a over-protective parent when it comes to smartphones and their bootloaders. We all know that they hate unlocking their bootloaders, for some odd reason.


HTC Releases Source Code And Binaries For Developers

The HTC Droid DNA is arguably one of the best phones the company has released this year and received a lot of praise from the Android community. Those who have been itching to tinker around with the device have surely been a bit anxious, but that can be put aside now as HTC has released