Motorola Droid 5

Motorola DROID 5 spotted in images with a QWERTY keyboard

The Motorola Droid 5 has just leaked in a flurry of images and comes with some specs to go along with it. This certainly brings back memories of the Motorola’s iconic droids with slide out QWERTY keyboards. The smartphone seems to have a prominent Verizon branding at the bottom, so we know where it’s heading.

Verizon Motorola DROID 5 possibly spotted in the wild

  The Original DROID smartphone is long known as the device that started the Android craze, and it doesn’t look like Verizon’s ready to kill off the original slider keyboard smartphone yet. According to Chinese blogger from Weibo, the above images showcase the upcoming Verizon Motorola DROID 5. From the photos above, we can instantly tell that