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Update on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Duplicate Drips Issue

Galaxy Note 2 Duplicate Drips

Galaxy Note 2 Duplicate Drips

Last week, we received an email through The Droid Guy Mailbag about the Galaxy Note 2 duplicate drips problem in the Drippler app. In that article, I suggested updating the app when a fix for the bug is already released by its developers.

Statement of Drippler about the Galaxy Note 2 Duplicate Drips

The article was picked up by Ms. Shimrit Shiran, Marketing Director at Drippler, and suggested a solution for it. Here is the email she sent us that contains a solution for the Galaxy Note 2 Duplicate Drips problem:

“Hi Gian, many thanks for your e-mail!

Regarding your question, we previously had apps for specific popular Android models, and now we have the one app that supports most Android models and automatically detects the user’s device. Users that have both the device-specific app and the new one might get duplicate notifications, and can easily solve it by uninstalling the old app (they should leave the new one).

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.”

So, basically, if you find yourself facing the Galaxy Note 2 duplicate drips problem or any other bugs in the Drippler app simply uninstall the old version which is a device specific app. Then, simply get the new version via Gooogle Play which is more compatible with new Android phone models.

Contact Drippler if the Galaxy Note 2 Duplicate Drips Problem Persists

If you still get the double drip problem or experience other bugs after installing the new version of Drippler, Ms. Shiran suggested contacting Drippler about it so they can assist you regarding the issue or come up with a fix for it.

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Drippler: An App to Let You Know Everything There is to Know About Your Android Device

Wouldn’t you love to know everything about your Android without having to follow some complex processes?  How great would it be to receive news, software updates, rumors, usage tips, tech-support, applications and games, accessories reviews and more without searching from one website to another?  There is an application for all these – it is called Drippler.  Downloading this app means that you will stay ahead of the news and get the latest Android updates and recommendations directly on your device.

Installing Drippler also means you will be among the first to know of any OTA updates and stand a healthy chance of hearing of any new developments that will help you get the most out of your device.  It also has options that allows you to customize the kind of news and updates you want to receive for the applications you use, the OS version you have and the handset you have.  Even if you are interested in some other device or application, Drippler will keep you updated on any new deals that you may not afford to miss.

You can download Drippler from Google Play Store and easily install it – that is all it takes.  From here, the app will detect the device you use and software installed then customizes the news and deals updates to the device you have and keep you in the loop on other items such as games and apps throughout the Android platform.

The application has tabs across the top of the window for latest news, popular news, deals and another one to synchronize with your Facebook account.  The application is easy to use especially navigating around and can be very beneficial for someone who relies on the android device for a variety of tasks.  I would suggest that you take some time to check it out on Google Play Store via this link, you might find it is just what you need.