Fuhu and DreamWorks Animation Launches The nabi DreamTab HD8

Fuhu, a company known for creating Android tablets for kids, has partnered with DreamWorks Animation in bringing the highly anticipated nabi DreamTab HD8 to the market. This is a powerful 8-inch Android tablet designed specifically for kids allowing them to develop their creativity. The tablet makes it easier for kids to draw, animate, author their

CES 2014: Pre-Show Announcement Roundup

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is barely underway, yet rivers of (virtual) ink have already been spilled in regards to new, fancy gizmos set to be showcased at the glitzy expo. And I’m not just talking about unauthorized information leaks, reports based on confidential sources or bogus speculation. That’s merely the tip

DreamWorks To Release “DreamTab” Android Tablet

DreamWorks is best known as an animation studio responsible for hits such as Shrek, Madagascar, and Kung-Fu Panda just to name a few. The company has now partnered with Fuhu, a company that makes Android tablets, to make tablets for children that they can be able to program just like a cable channel. Jim Mainard,

The Croods Android Game Review

Rovio has teamed up with DreamWorks to bring to Android devices a spin-off to the upcoming movie The Croods. The game features the characters of the movie and is often described as a cross between Monster Hunter and Sim City/Farmville. Your objective is to progress the Croods family out of the Stone Age. The Croods