Hasbro, Zynga team up to launch Zynga social games in US

From virtual game to a real family board game. This is what is due to befall on four popular social online games, from the recent collaboration of Hasbro and Zynga. Two of the world’s biggest social game providers, Zynga and Hasbro have just teamed up to launch four eminent Zynga social games, to be labelled

Draw Something Updated For Android Still No Chat (sort of)

Are you playing Draw Something on your Android device? It’s rather addicting and it’s rather fun, especially playing on a Samsung Galaxy Note. Do you ever find yourself writing notes before drawing the picture to send to your opponent? I thought it was a fairly odd practice until I started asking friends, Facebook friends and

Draw Something Reaches 50 Million Downloads In 50 Days

After a couple dozen social game were under their belts, without a mega hit New York’s OMGPOP was evaluating their options for the future. After their last round of venture funding they weren’t sure if they would be able to pull another. Early stage investors were beginning to worry about the company. Little did anyone