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Gmail for Android reaches 1 billion downloads


The Gmail app for Android has now surpassed 1 billion downloads ever since it was made available a couple of years ago. Google’s native email client is certainly one of the most popular out there, even though most manufacturers like Samsung, LG, HTC and others offer their own custom email client with devices.

Google’s email client comes by default on Nexus and GPE devices, which has helped increase adoption as well. But even then, the fact that users have made this their primary email client speaks volumes about how far Google has come with its offering.

Google Play Services surpassed 1 billion downloads a few months ago, but since that is offered by default on practically every Google approved device out there, it can’t actually account for actual downloads, which makes Gmail the first app on the Play Store to surpass the 1 billion download mark.

Bear in mind that this is merely a download count and doesn’t necessarily mean there are a billion active users out there. In fact, Google reported having over 425 million monthly active users in 2012, which has perhaps reached close to 600 million by now.

Source: Google Play Store

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Google Play Store still topping the Apple App Store in terms of downloads

App Annie - Play Store

App Annie - Play Store

Android’s Google Play Store and the App Store from iOS are two of the biggest mobile app hubs available today. Now, a new report by App Annie sheds light on where the two rival app markets stand as far as downloads and revenues generated are concerned. This report claims that the Play Store is still dominant as far as app downloads are concerned, but still lags behind the iOS App Store in terms of revenue.

This however isn’t surprising since developers have traditionally received better returns from their apps on iOS. However, App Annie finds that the bridge is now nearing between the two app hubs in terms of revenue, so it might not be long before Google gains ground here as well.

Here’s what the report had to say – “Google Play led the iOS App Store in downloads by approximately 45% in Q1 2014, up from 35% in the previous quarter. Meanwhile, the iOS App Store maintained its comfortable advantage in revenue, leading Google Play by 85%. However, Google Play continued to narrow this revenue gap. The gains for Google Play come as Android devices extended their lead in worldwide device installed base.

Source: App Annie

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Google Play hits 50 billion downloads mark

Google has finally hit the 50 billion downloads milestone, according to CEO Larry Page. Page announced this new feat during the company’s recent second quarter earnings call.


It took the Mountain View company around two months to add two billion downloads more since announcing during the Google I/O event in May that they had reached 48 billion downloads.

Meanwhile, at around the same period, Google’s rival Apple said that the iTunes App Store had passed the 50 billion downloads mark.

Page also mentioned that Google paid app developers more money during the first six months of 2013 compared to the amount paid during the entire 2012. This, according to Page, attests to the growth of the app market.


Analyst and developer Shen Ye previously estimated that Google would reach 50 billion downloads on June 9th, but it turned out that such time was not enough for Google.  Using algorithms, Ye had once been able to estimate correctly when Google would achieve 25 billion downloads. Though off by about a week, he was also able to predict the time when Google would hit the 48 billion download mark. After making adjustments, he announced the June 9th date. Said developer likewise stated that Google would pass the 100 billion downloads mark by the end of May 2014.

 Android device activations

Meanwhile, in the same call, Page underscored the number of Android device activations, which is 1.5 million daily and 900 million in total. However, the same figure had already been announced during Google I/O, so Page’s announcement was no big surprise.

 Moto X

Page also mentioned the upcoming launch of the Moto X, and revealed that he himself had been a tester of the much-awaited handset. Page, nonetheless, refused to share any details about the Moto X, and only shared his excitement to the audience.

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Facebook For Android Gets an Update; Requires Froyo and Up


Facebook has just received a bump with the version 1.9.7 update. The update brings some new features to the table. In addition to fixing some bugs, the change log mentions that having a front facing camera on your phone will make it easier to take photos now. The major news however is that the update is Froyo only. So if you have a device running on Android 2.1 or lower, you might want to look away. Other updates include quicker log in and navigation, security improvements etc. Another major update is with regards to the messaging feature on the app. Users will now be able to send bigger photos as well as add friends of friends in conversations. Switching between existing conversations seems to have been made easier too. This is what Facebook claims to be changed with the app.

Here are my thoughts after personally using it. The app by no means is faster than before. If anything, I would say it’s a little slower. I haven’t tested the new camera feature myself, but it’s not a major update anyway, so we can pass on that. If there is something I like though, that would be the new messages option. It holds true to the promise of being much better than before. We can create group conversations like before, but can now add friends of friends, all you have to do is start typing a name and suggestions will appear below. So that’s a really cool feature. Other changes like bug fixes and security updates are really hard to make out with plain usage. Regardless, the new and improved messages option is a welcome addition.

The big minus of course is the exclusion of anything below Android 2.2 Froyo. To be honest though, there aren’t many users running on Éclair or below. Only 5.4% among all Android devices are running below Froyo. What this means is that the app is compatible with over 94.6% of Android users, that’s not too bad really. Froyo and Gingerbread still make up for a large number of Android users (over 80%), so Facebook has covered its bases.

Facebook apps on mobile have always been a little behind. The news feed isn’t as snappy as one would expect, the photos do not open completely while in the news feed, which is something users wanted to be fixed with this update. The app is still far from perfect as users suggest, but subsequent updates should change that. That’s what we hope at least. What do you guys think about the new update?

Head over to the Google Play Store to get the updated version of the app.

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Android App Downloads Beating iOS In UK, Russia, Germany & South America, US Next

It’s no secret that Android is beating iOS across the world. However, most thought that with the Apple app store approaching 25 billion downloads, iOS was winning the app battle.

As Xylogic has uncovered, that’s not the case in the UK, Russia, Germany or South America. Take the UK for instance where according to Xylogic’s study iOS apps saw 90.9 million downloads, vs the 99.1 million downloads for Android apps.

In Germany the margin was even wider with 59.5 million downloads for iOS and 64.9 million downloads for Android.

South America naturally sees more Android downloads because the iPhone hasn’t adapted nearly as well in South America where cost of ownership pushes people towards Android.

In the United States, Xylogic expects Android to overtake iOS in March or April of this year.

source: Xylogic via Phonearena