Japanese Carrier DoCoMo Wants Google To Make Changes To Android

Last Wednesday, Japan’s largest carrier DoCoMo experienced a rather large service outage.¬† Oddly enough DoCoMo is blaming an Android application as one of the main sources for the disruption. An Android application that enables “free of charge voice communication” is the cause of the disruption, according to this report. DoCoMo says that Android applications signals

Hands On With The Waterproof Fujitsu Arrows Tablet

The Fujitsu Arrows tablet is already available for sale in Asia. There is a 4G version available in Japan on DoCoMo.  While the inner workings of the Fujitsu Arrows tablet are inline with several Honeycomb tablets available stateside there are a couple features that make this a stand out tablet. First off the waterproofing. The

Apple’s Patent Lawyers Set Up Shop In Asia

Now that the Apple patent lawyers have disrupted Samsung’s Galaxy Tab plans in Europe they have set their sites on Asia. Apple has filed a patent lawsuit in Japan’s patent court. According to Japan’s Kyodo news agency, Apple had their first hearing yesterday in hopes of banning Samsung’s line of Galaxy smartphones and the newly