Best Android hybrids, convertibles, laptops and multi-purpose PCs

They said Android is limited. Impractical to use on a larger than 10-inch screen. Worthless with physical keyboards, and utterly inoperable on “full-on” computing machines. They scoffed at the idea of mainstream Android laptops, which was filed under megalomaniac fantasies from overly imaginative, reality-disconnected nerds. Well, we showed them. And by we, I mean a


Nexus 7 Docking Station Sold Out In The United Kingdom

Just last night the Nexus 7 docking station had become available at ASUS’ UK-based online store. While that was exciting news, it was a huge letdown for many who found the accessory  listed as “sold out” this morning. We don’t know how many docking stations ASUS made available, but selling out in a mere few

Nexus 7 Dock Going On Sale For $40 This Month

For $200, the Nexus 7 is no slouch. In fact, it’s more than likely the cheapest tablet you can get without putting a huge compromise on hardware. A huge downside to the tablet is the lack of accessories, which is a bit of a problem considering how popular the tablet has become. Good news though,


Google Nexus 7 Dock Set To Ship On January 16th

Bad news for Nexus 7 owners: it turns out that the original shipping date for the elusive dock has been pushed back to January 16th. According to a listing at online retailer B&H, the Nexus 7 dock’s shipping date has been revises to show a January 16th shipping date. While it’s nothing to complain about,