Softbank acquisition of Sprint approved by US Justice Department

The Softbank acquisition of Sprint has been a long process for the Japanese carrier, with the US Justice Department stepping in to check any security concerns with the deal. However, the department has dropped its delay on the merger and now the FCC is the only US institution that needs to approve the deal, before Softbank

Sprint first quarterly results out: Managed to narrow down losses

  Sprint recently released their first quarter earnings of 2013. The 3rd largest carrier in US managed to narrow down their losses as compared to their previous year’s figure and managed to improve their revenues to $8.8 billion. The company is having a bad phase right now and its plan to leave Nextel may somewhat

Dish Sprint

Dish bids $25.5 billion for Sprint

Back in November 2012, Softbank, a leading carrier in Japan and other Asian countries, made a huge bid for 70% of Sprint, costing the carrier $20.1 billion. The two companies were expected to close the deal sometime in 2013, however a new move from Dish Network may ruin the arrangement. Dish has offered $25.5 billion

T-Mobile And MetroPCS Merger Was In The Works Since December 2011

A proxy statement that was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by MetroPCS says that the merger with T-Mobile USA has been in planning a whole lot longer than what was originally thought. T-Mobile’s parent company, Deutsche Telekon, attempted to merge with T-Mobile USA a mere two days after the company originally failed