Galaxy S6 mutes itself during calls, other calling problems

Some #GalaxyS6 users have reported calling issues on their device so we post this article to share them and their respective solutions. If you have any problems calling on your #GalaxyS6 too, this article may be of help. Below are the specific topics we discuss today: Galaxy S6 mutes itself during calls Galaxy S6 drops calls

Galaxy Note 5 losing battery fast in idle mode, other issues

Battery drain is a perennial issue for most smartphones today and even flagship models are not immune. We’ve already covered many power- or battery-related issues in the past but let’s take a look at one issue below. It is submitted by one of our #GalaxyNote5 users. Don’t hesitate to consult more of our previously posted

Galaxy Note 5 dial pad not working during calls, other issues

We gave you another post that covers some of the #GalaxyNote5 issues sent to us by the TheDroidguy community. These issues are not related or similar to one another so if you want to look for other issues we’ve addressed before, don’t hesitate to visit this page. IMAP settings on Galaxy Note 5 for