Microsoft Jumps Into High Gear On webOS News

That didn’t take long. Fresh on the heels of the news that HP was shutting down their webOS shop, Microsoft has made a very lucrative offer to published webOS developers. Microsoft’s Senior Director of Windows Phone 7 development, Brandon Watson tweeted out to any published webOS developer that Microsoft would give them all the tools

HTC Opens Up New Developer Portal

HTC has been on fire on the consumer side, hardware side and operating system side. Now they want developers to share in their success.  HTC has opened up the HTC Developer portal at The new developer portal has three main focuses; the Open Sense SDK, web based boot unlocker, and kernel source codes for

Millennial Media Now Offering Ad Test Features To Developers

Android developers, are you using Millennial Media for your ads? If you’re not you should be. Millennial Media, the mobile advertising platform, has just announced on their blog some new enhancements that developers should check out. Millennial Media is now offering developers the ability to register up to 100 test devices so that they can

Industry Advocacy Group: AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Bad For App Developers

A top consumer and communications advocacy group called The US Consumer and Communications Industry Association, has told The Hill, that the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger will be bad for the app ecosystem. The Mobile apps industry has been around since the Pam Pilot and website handango, but over the past 4 years the industry has seen

Who Is Tapjoy and What Do They Do?

Have you ever played a game on your mobile device like Contract Killer or Tap Fish and were in need of more “credits?” Sometimes you could earn them by completing a mission or just waiting till the next day. But what if you couldn’t? What if you were willing to actually pay for in-game credits to improve your score? Recently, Google allowed in-app payments for Android that gave a gamer the chance to buy a gun, more money, or anything that increased their odds of winning. Honestly, I found myself doing this with Glu’s Contract Killer. But who facilitates this process? Tapjoy does.

Def Jam Opens Catalog To App Developers

Def Jam Records has been the soundtrack to many console games, with their own co-branded fighting games as well. Now Def Jam, a division of Universal Music Group, is partnering with The Echo Nest and opening up their entire catalog to app developers in the Echo nest eco-system. Def Jam’s stable of new and catalog

74% Of Mobile Apps Used More Than Once

When we read the source piece (listed below) the headline was 26% of Apps downloaded used only once.  Of course that’s a large number considering there are over half a million mobile apps available in the world today. But 74% is a much larger number so let’s talk about that… Localytics, a research firm that

Eric Chu: Android Getting In App Payments & Improved Discovery Soon

Eric Chu, speaking at “Inside Social Apps” in San Francisco today said that an in app payment system was coming for Android “soon”. Google was expected to release an in app payment mechanism last quarter however the developers that were providing feedback for it were too busy with Christmas apps and end of the year

Android App Developers Win Big in Sprint 4G Challenge

Sprint just wrapped up their 4G developer challenge. The Sprint 4G challenge was the first development challenge of it’s kind whereas Sprint asked developers to submit apps in five categories; entertainment, gaming, productivity, social networking and multimedia. The unique twist is that Sprint wanted the developers to focus their efforts on harnessing the Sprint 4G

Android Market Getting a Face Lift; All Versions 1.6 and Higher

Android Developer Eric Chu has posted to the Android Developer blog letting us know that a much needed face lift is coming the the Android market.  There are significant changes both visually and functionally that will approve the overall user experience. There is one change that is VERY significant that will effect everyone. The market

More bad press about Android Development from Facebook Dev

The increase in popularity Android has seen in this past year has brought about a flocking of developers from all walks to our beloved OS. WinMo hardliners, Web only devs, and even some talented iOS developers have made their way to Android. While the apps keep piling in, and the quality of the apps is

Moral ambiguity and Android… where's the line?

By Russell H. Sr. Editor TDG Online One of the biggest fights in the Internet world is the concept of stealing. From music and pictures, to movies and games there has been people who feel if it’s digital it’s theirs, and the creators and supporters who disagree. It’s a constant fight not just with whether