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WIMM Releases WIMM One Module To Developers

When we were at CTIA back in October we had the chance to sit down with Ted from WIMM labs who told us all about the new WIMM One Module. While the module itself may look like a watch, we learned that this Android based device is well suited for any application where a small,

Millennial Media Expands To Southeast Asia

Millennial Media, the mobile advertising platform, and creators of the monthly Mobile Mix report, have announced new operations in South East Asia. Millennial Media has announced the appointment of Robert Woolfrey as the Managing Director of their new offices in Singapore.  Woolfrey will immediately begin establishing a presence in South East Asia and aggressively hiring.

Take Your Android App Global In 40 Languages With Tethras

So you’ve got an Android app and you’re making a little bit of money in the United States. You want to take your application global but you failed out of Spanish and those Rosetta courses are hundreds of dollars. Enter in Tethras. San Francisco based Tethras announced last week that they’ve brought their mobile app

CTIA: Take A Look At The Android Powered WIMM Module

When you first take a look at the WIMM Module you may immediately think you’re looking at another Android watch implementation. Although the WIMM Module can be used as a watch, with the included watch band, it’s far from just an Android powered watch. The other key differentiator between the WIMM module and the Metawatch,

HTML 5 Developer’s Conference Adds HTML 5 Hackathon

The Silicon Valley International Game Developer’s Association is holding an HTML 5 Developer’s Conference September 27th at the Westin Hotel on 3rd Street in San Francisco on Tuesday September 27th. The all day event will focus on thriving development in the HTML 5 world with speakers including David Herman of Mozilla, Jason Hoffman at Joyent,

Socialize Giving Away $2500 In Timed Developer Challenge

Socialize Inc is giving away $2500 (with a chance for an extra $500) to the developer that can install the socialize SDK in an iOS or Android app  the fastest. They’ve also announced if a developer can download the SDK, get it in an app and then get the app published in an app store

Monkeying Around With Infinite Monkeys At AppNation 2011

While there were lot’s of apps brewing and lots of apps launched at Appnation this week in San Francisco, one company, of no fixed address, launched 700 apps. That’s right, they launched 700 apps on multi- platforms. The company, called Infinite Monkeys, has launched a free way for small businesses, individuals, bands, community associations, clubs

Qualcomm Releases Dual Core Developer Tool Kit We Go Hands On

Live here at the Appnation event we got to experience the brand spanking new Qualcomm Dual Core Developer Tool. Check out our guided tour video and here are some raw specs. Oh and before we forget if you’d like to order one go for it here Third party application developers should rejoice at the news

Android Homecoming & Announce $5000 Developer Challenge

Android developers get your developing caps on and come up with a really radical way to use’s facial recognition API’s and developer tools in the next big app  you create. Your idea could be worth $5000 dollars in cold hard cash a new phone and a new tablet. Head on over to the

Tap Me Says Goodbye Ad Blocks, Puts The Ads In The Games At #GDC11

One of the things I loved most during my radio career was NTR, NTR stands for Non Traditional Revenue in the radio world. It’s the way that radio stations stick in advertising messages and calls to action during “Commercial free hours” honestly from a marketing perspective it’s much less obtrusive than traditional commercials. That’s the

Exclusive: Samsung responds to developer concerns over Continuum

The Samsung Continuum is not for everyone. It’s not going to get love from the geardheads in the Android Family, but it’s not a budget phone either. So where’s the appeal group? In my opinion, it’s two fold. I see the interest groupd here being anyone interested in the exploration of the new, and developers

The Android BootCamp at CTIA – Bringing Android to businesses

One of the highlights of the non-showfloor part of CTIA is the panels. Each one this year was a targeted session for either application developers or Business owners looking to find the next way to make their business better. Those companies who are aware have already started to look at Android as a real platform