Samsung Galaxy S5 already rooted courtesy of Chainfire

Chainfire has a reputation of rooting all Samsung Galaxy S flagships before they even hit the markets. And the yet to be announced Galaxy S5 has received similar treatment using ODIN and CF-Auto-Root. This procedure is only applicable to the LTE-A model of the smartphone which goes by the model number SM-G900F, so not all variants

Google Announces Update To Android SDK

Google has announced an update is available to the Android software developer’s kit (SDK). The new SDK and Eclipse plugin bring the SDK to revision 17. The latest release is feature packed and provides a bunch of bug fixes. Some of the most notable features are: Adding experimental support for multi-touch input by enabling the

Playphone Brings Multi-Player Gaming Cross Platform To Android And iOS

San Jose based Playphone is bringing instant multi player gaming to people with Android and iPhones to play together simultaneously. In an exclusive story published by Venture Beat, Playphone’s CEO Ron Czerny said that you’ll be able to use the Playphone platform to play multi player games across carriers and devices with only a 250

Google To Open 2012 Google IO Registration At 7AM PDT March 27th

Developers of all Google products, especially.Android have been waiting patiently for Google to announce when they would start registration for Google I/O 2012.  Google announced today that registration opens on March 27th at 7am PDT (10AM Eastern) There is also a hike in the price to $900 which is still relatively affordable compared to other

Google Now Allowing Android Developers 4GB In App Expansion Files

Since the beginning of Android, developers were restricted to a 50mb file size for apps. Now 50mb is a huge app however with screen sizes getting bigger, resolutions getting better and processors getting faster there are some app developers who want to take advantage of all that extra real estate. Google’s Android team has announced

Motorola Droid Razr Developer Edition Coming

Motorola released the original Motorola Droid in November of 2009. It is one of the best selling Android phones to date.  Motorola has had a developer arm called MotoDev since roughly the same time. In 2011 Motorola became even more developer friendly by announcing they would start unlocking some bootloaders. While they aren’t going to

Russell Holly Takes Reigns As XDA Portal Admin

Many of our readers know Russell Holly either from his pieces on, or as the first Senior Editor here at While that may seem like eons ago it was just over a year ago, which in the tech journalism world, may seem like ages. In addition to Holly’s feature writing for Ziff Davis

November Mobile Mix Released: Android On Top Android 14 of Top 20 Devices

Millennial Media has published their November 2011 mobile mix report this morning. Android still has a substantial and steady lead at 50% of the smartphone impressions connecting to Millennial Media’s ad network.  Millennial Media is the largest independent mobile ad network. In November’s connected device and smartphone OS mix Android ranked at 50% while iOS

Chartboost Opens Up It’s Beta To Android Developers

Chartboost, a relatively new way for Android developers to monetize their games with in game advertising, has just opened up their beta to all Android developers. Chartboost has been in a closed beta with top Android developers Animoca and Storm8. Now out of beta, Chartboost is reporting that several big name Android game publishers are

Motorola Droid Bionic Now Has Alpha Ice Cream Sandwich ROM

This story comes to us today by way of Rootzwiki. Rootzwiki developer dhacker29 has posted an alpha preview version of an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the Motorola Droid Bionic. This is just an alpha build but seems to be coming along pretty well. Dhacker29 reports that the graphics work smooth. Adb is

Facebook, Walmart & Google Execs To Headline Appnation III

We’re less than two weeks away from Appnation III. In fact by this time next week after you’ve chowed down on turkey, gotten run down by shoppers and watched some great college football you’ll be thinking about what you can do to get your mobile and app fix. Well it’s definitely Appnation III. Appnation III

WIMM Releases WIMM One Module To Developers

When we were at CTIA back in October we had the chance to sit down with Ted from WIMM labs who told us all about the new WIMM One Module. While the module itself may look like a watch, we learned that this Android based device is well suited for any application where a small,

Millennial Media Expands To Southeast Asia

Millennial Media, the mobile advertising platform, and creators of the monthly Mobile Mix report, have announced new operations in South East Asia. Millennial Media has announced the appointment of Robert Woolfrey as the Managing Director of their new offices in Singapore.  Woolfrey will immediately begin establishing a presence in South East Asia and aggressively hiring.

Take Your Android App Global In 40 Languages With Tethras

So you’ve got an Android app and you’re making a little bit of money in the United States. You want to take your application global but you failed out of Spanish and those Rosetta courses are hundreds of dollars. Enter in Tethras. San Francisco based Tethras announced last week that they’ve brought their mobile app

CTIA: Take A Look At The Android Powered WIMM Module

When you first take a look at the WIMM Module you may immediately think you’re looking at another Android watch implementation. Although the WIMM Module can be used as a watch, with the included watch band, it’s far from just an Android powered watch. The other key differentiator between the WIMM module and the Metawatch,