Android might soon be a mainstream desktop OS with Intel’s efforts

Android has traditionally been a mobile platform, but there are efforts to adapt this mobile operating system into other kinds of devices, as well, including embedded devices, desktop computers and even automobiles. In fact, some tablet efforts have attempted to utilize Android as a desktop operating system, with some success. Take for instance the recently-announced

Viber Announces Desktop app

The free messaging and VOIP app Viber has announces that as of today all 200 million users of there service will have access to their accounts on their desktop as well as mobile due to their dedicated app. The new desktop app is part of Viber’s 3.0 update to the service which is available on

Mailbox Is Working On An iPad App, With Desktop And Android Clients

Mailbox the very popular mail app for iPhone has announced that an iPad, Android and Desktop clients are on their way, the company recently said that the up and coming projects e.g. the various clients are “on the agenda”. Hopefully when the new clients are released there won’t be the ridiculously long queues to use

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet reportedly slated for January 2013 release

Software giant Microsoft has just acquired another windfall following the successful debut of its new system, Windows 8, and first hardware entry, Surface RT, late last month. Surface RT tablet has just attained a huge backer in the person of the legendary philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey. Outlined among other things in the official list of “Oprah’s