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[Deal] HTC Desire Eye for $199.99

The unlocked version of the #HTC #DesireEye can now be yours for a paltry $199.99. It must be noted that the handset has been consistently selling with this price tag for quite some time now, which suggests that it’s still got some demand. The handset is well known for its front facing dual LED flash

[Deal] Unlocked HTC Desire Eye for $199.99

HTC’s selfie-oriented handset, the #DesireEye is now up for grabs for just $199.99 from eBay. The smartphone is not the latest kid on the block, but should make a decent addition to anybody’s collection given the kind of features it brings. Although selfie is one of its key strengths, the Desire Eye also comes with

[Deal] Unlocked HTC Desire Eye for $199.99

The #HTC #DesireEye can now be snatched up for $199.99 from eBay. This selfie-oriented smartphone is a good buy for the price and might be a hot selling item. It must be noted however that the Desire Eye has been selling for about $200 for quite some time now, so it’s possible that the pricing

[Deal] Unlocked HTC Desire Eye for $179.99

The #HTC #DesireEye smartphone is now available for just $179.99 on eBay. This is a very sweet deal on a selfie oriented smartphone such as this one. The retailer doesn’t mention if this is a long term deal, so we suggest you make use of it while you still can. The Desire Eye made the

[Deal] HTC Desire Eye for $159.99

The #HTC #DesireEye smartphone is now available for purchase at just $159.99 from an eBay retailer. For those unaware with the handset, well, this was HTC’s first (and probably last) foray into the selfie-segment as it sports a massive 13-megapixel front facing camera accompanied by a dual-LED flash. In addition to this, the handset also

[Deal] Unlocked HTC Desire Eye for $179.99

HTC’s first selfie phone, the #DesireEye can be yours now for just $179.99 from eBay. This is a very good deal on a highly capable device, so make sure you have a closer look at this one. If you’re unaware, the Desire Eye was one of the first handsets to come with a 13-megapixel front

[Deal] Unlocked HTC Desire Eye for $199.99

Looking to grab a decent selfie phone on the cheap? You might want to check out the #HTC #DesireEye which is currently selling for just $199.99 on eBay. The smartphone is easily the best selfie handset to have hit the markets and comes with a decent hardware specs sheet to justify the price tag. After

[Deal] Unlocked HTC Desire Eye for $199.99

The #HTC #DesireEye handset is now up for grabs at just $199.99 from eBay. For those unaware, this is HTC’s selfie-centric smartphone that was released in late-November. This is an unlocked version of the handset, which means you’re free to pair it with the carrier of your choice. The handset is only available only in the White/Red

AT&T HTC Desire Eye getting the Android 5.0 update

The HTC Desire Eye smartphone has just started getting the Android 5.0 update at long last. This isn’t exactly a flagship level handset from the Taiwanese manufacturer, but it’s good to see that the update is finally arriving, albeit a little too late in the day. The information was given away by HTC’s Mo Versi

HTC Hot Deals

HTC offering a flat 20% discount on its smartphones [Deal]

HTC’s Hot Deals Tuesday is here again and today, the deal is applicable on smartphones. Customers can get select smartphones from the company with a 20% discount. This includes the likes of the Desire Eye, the One M8 and the One M8 with Windows Phone. Previously, HTC’s Hot Deals were limited to accessories for the

HTC Desire Eye AT&T

HTC Desire Eye officially launching via AT&T on November 7

The HTC Desire Eye is AT&T’s latest announcement of the day in what has been a very busy Monday with the LG G Watch R and the Moto 360 being announced earlier in the day. Not to mention the ruggedized Kyocera DuraForce handset, which is launching this Friday along with the aforementioned devices. The Desire

HTC Desire Eye

HTC officially unveils the Desire Eye and RE handheld camera

The HTC Desire Eye smartphone has finally gone official during the Double Exposure event last evening. The company was has also launched the handheld RE camera during the course of the event, which is a water resistant camera shaped like a periscope. The Desire Eye packs a 5.2 inch 1080p display, 13-megapixel cameras on the front and

HTC Desire Eye

HTC’s selfie oriented Desire Eye leaked with a 13MP front camera

HTC appears to be taking selfie oriented smartphones to a whole new level with its upcoming Desire Eye handset. The leaked press materials reveal that the handset is packing a 13-megapixel front facing camera with a dual LED flash. Needless to say, the smartphone also has a 13-megapixel shooter on the back with the same LED flash