Dell Streak 7″ Wi-Fi Only Tablet Reduced to $299

Although Michael Dell is still singing the praises of Android (as he should be), the Dell Streak tablet line doesn’t seem to be doing quite as well as he had hoped. Earlier this month we reported that T-Mobile had discontinued selling the 7″ Dell Streak 4G tablet in their stores.  The Dell Streak 7 with

T-Mobile Dumps Dell Streak 7 Already

T-Mobile has apparently discontinued the Dell Streak 7 after just six months on the nation’s fourth largest carrier. The Dell Streak 7 was the follow up to the Dell Streak which was a 5″ phoneblet released on AT&T. The original Dell Streak didn’t sell very well.  Dell tried to sell them strictly direct from Dell

Dell’s Hoping The Third Times A Charm

Pictures of the upcoming Dell Streak 10 Pro have finally shown up on the internet.  Dell’s 10″ Honeycomb tablet will be their third try with an Android tablet. The first Dell Streak, the 5″ version, was available by direct fulfillment from Dell and used AT&T’s 3G network.  Their next version was 7″ and was sold

The Dell Streak 7 is Coming

We’re sure you’ve seen the original Dell Streak get some swift pricing changes and enhancements. This is probably to make way for the new 7″ version of the Dell Streak. The new version of the Dell Streak is rumored to be 7″ and feature a Tegra 2 processor making it uber fast.  The original Dell

Dell Streak Update to Android 2.2 and More

We’ve heard a lot about different color versions of the Dell Streak and it’s availability in Best Buy. We also know that the new Dell Streaks are reportedly coming out of the box with Android 2.2 “Froyo”. We also learned from Phandroid back in the early part of  November  that an OTA (Over the air)

Dell Confirms no more 2.1 Updates looking forward to Froyo and the official Dell blog are reporting today that there will be no more Android 2.1 updates to the Dell Streak “tablet” device. Dell is citing it’s desire to push out a full on “froyo” update by the end of the year if not sooner. Many Dell Streak owners are still plagued with Android

Somebody woke Dell Up

Just as we were beginning to wonder about the Dell Streak and when we would actually see one of these wonderful devices on AT&T they finally come to the party with a release date, and it’s Tomorrow. But wait there’s more.  Our friends at Androidspin scored photos of a brand new Dell Dell Thunder. This