LG G4 rumor roundup and preview – the next big thing or next best thing?

Yes, it’s a little early to put LG G3’s hotly anticipated sequel under the microscope, what with the Korean manufacturer recently confirming the G4 isn’t headed for a Mobile World Congress introduction next month. LG looked outright frantic when it echoed the “delay” compared to rumored timelines, stressing a Q2 itinerary following the direction set

US release of ZTE Grand S is delayed until 2014

The release of the ZTE Grand S in the United States has been pushed to next year, according to a statement made by Lixin Cheng, head of the ZTE’s North American division to CNET. The reason for the delay, Cheng explained, is the additional time that ZTE needed to meet the requirements of U.S. wireless

T-Mobile Delays Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Until April 29

Remember when we congratulated Samsung for staging a perfect Galaxy S4 US release? Well, you can now change that to a near perfect launch. And not just because it’s taking Verizon an eternity to announce an exact S4 ETA and pricing details. Also, because T-Mobile has pushed back the 5-incher’s online availability date. Initially scheduled

BlackBerry Q10 will come in May or June

Blackberry recently launched two new BlackBerry 10 devices, Blackberry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10. The Z10 is a full touchscreen device, just like the iPhone, whereas the Q10 comes with a hardware qwerty keyboard that the BB brand is popular for. The Z10 has gone on sale in U.K., and it is supposedly selling really well,

Samsung ATIV S delayed in Canada as well

Windows Phone 8 is by far the best mobile operating system Microsoft has ever created. Nokia and HTC were the first to launch Windows Phone 8 devices. Nokia’s flagship Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 have been selling really well on AT&T. If you are a Windows Phone 8 fan, you would have most probably heard

Virgin Mobile Taking Pre-Orders For Samsung Galaxy Reverb

The Samsung Galaxy Reverb made a little bit of a delay in its development. That’s not an issue though as Virgin Mobile has now begun taking pre-orders for this new handset and are fully ready to roll it out on September 19th for $250. The handset is going to be packed with Android 4.0 Ice