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10 Year Old Hacker Discovers Timing Exploit In Some Android And IOS Games

A 10 year old girl from California who goes by the name of “CyFi” has discovered a useful exploit in some iOS and Android games.  She likes to play farmville esque games which require timing to grow crops, populations etc.

CyFi has reported that by changing the time on the phone crops, populations, restaurants, etc can move quicker and thus get you to the next level or the next task in these style games.  Although some publishers have plugged the hole, it seems you can even beat that by disconnecting the devices wi-fi or only increasing the time in small increments.

Zynga’s popular Farmville is available on iOS but not Android yet. Also their follow up smash hit Cityville is not available on either platform as of yet. Perhaps that’s partly attributed to this exploit.

CyFi gave a full report on this in DefCon Kids a part of DefCon 19.  TDG had a crew on the ground in Las Vegas for “Hacker Week” which included Def Con 19, DefCon Kids and the Black Hat conference.

source: techgadgetsweb

Just as Blackhat ends, Defcon starts in Las Vegas

We are in Las Vegas Nevada and we have just ended our time at Blackhat, next up it’s  Defcon. We were planning to give you coverage on Blackhat’s mobile track,  however whoever planned it forgot to mention to the speakers that they need to show up because they didn’t.  I was waiting anxiously for the Hacking Androids for Profit by Riley Hassell and Shane Macaulay, however none of them showed up and didn’t even call. I know two people who wont be called to talk next year.

While in the vendors area I was expecting to see a line of vendors showing off mobile products; I was sadly wrong. Two companies however did make an appearance; CORE Security Technologies and BluePoint Security.  Its interesting, because you’ll see below how they “go against each other”. Where as CORE Security does penetration testing by: